Windows 8 Developer Preview: “The Desktop”

However, the Desktop isn’t completely gone.  I feel it’s being very slowly fizzled out, but it still exists! Doesn’t this look familiar? Of course! It’s the same UI as Windows 7, with the exception of a different looking Windows logo on the bottom left.  That button takes you to the tile’s I showed you in […] continue reading »

Windows 8 Developer Preview: The “Start Menu”

Start Menu is in quotations because it’s received a complete redesign.  It appears to have been completely replaced with the new “tiles” (aka Metro UI). Which fairs a striking resemblance to Windows Phone 7, hmm, wonder why?   Windows Phone 7 was highly based of the Zune interface, and now is seeking relations with Windows 8. […] continue reading »

Windows 8 Developer Preview: First Boot Part 2

You’ll go through this wave of settings (if you opt to do custom settings rather than the express settings) You’ll notice that the “Use Windows Error Reporting” is turned off by default. Maybe Microsoft is finally starting to come out and say “We never check those, so why send them?” Looks like they are following Google’s footsteps […] continue reading »

Xbox Live Service Update: August 11th, 2009

Apparently Xbox 360’s proud Xbox Live service is getting a complete update on August 11th. From One of the amazing things about the Xbox LIVE experience is that it’s always getting better. The upcoming August 11, 2009 Xbox LIVE Update truly cranks it up a notch – with features that improve your entertainment experience […] continue reading » – finished (the design that is)

I have finally completely re-vamping I actually scrapped two design ideas I had before finally coming up with the one that is on there now. Give it a look over and drop a comment on the Contact section. <– I found this image on Microsoft Office’s Clipart gallery. Good job microsoft. Good job. […] continue reading »