My Impression of Death Magnetic…So Far

Well, I could tell you every little aspect that I’ve heard of Death Magnetic from; but i’m not like that. I’m going to just write a little blurb about the two songs that have been released to the public in the past few days. Cyanide: I really like this song, I love the way […] continue reading »


Sorry I haven’t wrote anything in awhile. Been kind of busy with work, life, and things revolving around the two. One new thing in my internet life: My web host, Vizaweb, started offering RoundCube WebMail — and I love it! It’s so much better than SquirrelMail (though SquirrelMail still has a special place in my […] continue reading »

MountainFives info + rants

Check out the new mountain fives HQ, (Who is this generous fellow letting M5's be hosted on his site? Nobody knows…) Hello Vox readers, sorry that I haven't posted anything on here since August 6th..2006….I really haven't had anything interesting to write on either one of my blogs. (The other one is The Rant […] continue reading »