Check it Out: Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie iTunes Trailer

I promised to keep you up to speed with Tim And Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, so here is another update. If you were appalled by the Red Band trailer then please check out the iTunes Trailer that is rated R, but it’s more appropriate than the last one. (No F-Bombs) Check it out here:  Also, […] continue reading »

Review of China, IL “The Worst School in America”

The University of China, IL truly is the worst school in America. Babycakes (Why does my spell checker think that word is correctly spelled?)  surely says it best. I remember watching Babycake’s Journal Rants on YouTube, but that isn’t exactly the first way I discovered him. Remember SuperDeluxe? Not many people do. But this isn’t […] continue reading »

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie: First Official Full Length Trailer “The Red Band Trailer”

I promised updates, so here is the first official Full Length trailer for Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, provided by IGN. Definitely watch this in HD. Fair Warning: Trailer is NSFW! For a reason unknown to me, they are calling it the “Red Band Trailer”. If you have any insight as to why this is, […] continue reading »

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie: Movie Poster & Trailer

Earlier today, Eric Wareheim [be careful with that link]  (the glasses wearer of the duo Tim & Eric) posted on his twitter account the official Movie poster for Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.  I have to say I am quite excited. To top it all off, an official trailer was also posted. To preserve the trailer’s […] continue reading »

One of the Coolest Music Videos I’ve Seen in A Long Time (8-Bit Characters)

Anne Lucht’s amazing 8-Bit visual music video takes the viewers around the town of Düsseldorf, Germany . The place where electronic music made some huge leaps about 40 years ago with bands like Can, Neu! and Kraftwerk. All the while these 8-Bit characters are bopping their head’s to Lorenz Rhode’s krautrocky tune TELEPHONE HELICOPTER APPLAUSE […] continue reading »

Windows 8 Developer Preview: “The Desktop”

However, the Desktop isn’t completely gone.  I feel it’s being very slowly fizzled out, but it still exists! Doesn’t this look familiar? Of course! It’s the same UI as Windows 7, with the exception of a different looking Windows logo on the bottom left.  That button takes you to the tile’s I showed you in […] continue reading »

Windows 8 Developer Preview: The “Start Menu”

Start Menu is in quotations because it’s received a complete redesign.  It appears to have been completely replaced with the new “tiles” (aka Metro UI). Which fairs a striking resemblance to Windows Phone 7, hmm, wonder why?   Windows Phone 7 was highly based of the Zune interface, and now is seeking relations with Windows 8. […] continue reading »

Windows 8 Developer Preview: First Boot Part 2

You’ll go through this wave of settings (if you opt to do custom settings rather than the express settings) You’ll notice that the “Use Windows Error Reporting” is turned off by default. Maybe Microsoft is finally starting to come out and say “We never check those, so why send them?” Looks like they are following Google’s footsteps […] continue reading »

Ham Sandwich featuring Brandon Hardesty

On May 22nd of this year (2011), Brandon Hardesty released a short film on Atom that must have bypassed my internet eyes because it is absolutely hilarious!  Directed by Dave Green, who I’ve never heard of, but must be a pretty funny guy because this film is hilarious. It stars Brandon Hardesty, of YouTube fame, […] continue reading »

Which Streaming Option Should I Use?

While still in the very early stages of the Matt Fowler Network, I’m trying to decide which live streaming option to use.  There really are so many, it’s hard to choose. Right now, I’ve been playing around with, and I am happy with the results, but I am always interested in trying something different. […] continue reading »

Today it is

92 degrees outside.  How wonderful. I mean really.. earlier it was 88 heat index of 96. First I don’t get why they just don’t say it is 96 out.   Oh well. However. The high today was projected at 92.  I know most meteorologists can only go by what the flashy buttons and gree  lights tell […] continue reading »

Facebook: Browse Securely (for once) in HTTPS

Facebook recently released a feature that they should of had a long time ago. Most people don’t realize this, but when you browse Facebook, and even login to Facebook, all of your information is being sent in the clear. What’s this mean? You are browsing their site on an “unsecured” (http: rather than https:) connection. […] continue reading »

HP TouchSmart’s Great Grandfather, HP Touch 150.

Although I wasn’t around for this, it’s interesting to see what the first mainstream “Touch” computer looked like. Introducing, from the Computer Chronicles television show, the HP Touch 150 Computer, circa 1983. Even at this point Touchscreen computers weren’t exactly a new idea, they just weren’t very popular outside of business use. Few home users […] continue reading »