I have tried and survived the Slim Jim monster.


I have been eyeballing the Slim Jim monster style snack sticks for awhile and tonight I decided to go ahead and buy one to figure out what the fuss is all about.

Of course, I went with the Tabasco flavored, as its my favorite type of Slim Jim. I will say first off, the yummy orange goop that comes with every snack stick was still included within this beast. That’s a plus.

But all in all, it tastes just like a normal Slim Jim should — obviously.
I survived it, though I feel a little bad for my stomach. I feel fine, but I am sure it is working over time with no pay.

Enjoy this wonderful picture of me holding this contraption.  Now if Slim Jim would just make a bag full of these as bite sized convections, I would be set for life.

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