Early Morning

So I am thinking… As I sit here with access to my blog via Blackberry…..why not go off into blog land for a little bit? When is the last time I did that? January, it seems to be. What do you know about that?

Sun is coming up, sky looks a light blue with a few cloud strands here and there. Not that it really matters to you, but that’s what I see so you get to know it as well.

I am starting to recommend Sponsored Tweets more and more. Maybe after my next payout we will talk about how strong I like them. Probably need to get a referral link. Oh well.

Getting brighter outside, bunch of birds chirping. Few ducks making noises too. I am waiting for the Fountain to turn back on….Awww, there are no ducks on the fountain. If there was, I’d get another possible chance to see the Fountain hit the ducks. But they are smart, or they hear some sort of something below them kick on, because I have seen them jump off it within minutes of it turning on.

Well, I don’t guess the fountain is going to turn on while I’m writing this. Typing, rather — you get the point.

Bored with this…

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