Goodbye Vizaweb

Well, I finally made the switch. After hosting with Vizaweb for a good solid 5 years, as of March 23rd, 2009 — Matt Fowler dot Business was successfully hosted and ran successfully under hosting. I’ve already noticed some very significant differences after I did this. My page, at least to me for sure, loads a lot faster. Probably because I’m sure Site5 actually pays attention to their servers.

To Rick Mueller, CEO of Vizaweb:
No offense to you, or your company, but there were certain things that kept happening that sparked a scare in losing everything I got. Not to mention, the up time  decreased rapidly over the years, and plus even the support forum went to the spammers. Also, what happened to the phone support? It went from getting an answer, getting an occasional answer, to getting no answer at all. I’m sorry, but there are certain problems that need to be assessed immediately — and having phone support helps. Then came live chat, well that lasted a good 3-4 months, and then it went permanently offline. Then, the downtime went from bad to catastrophic. My site was down for a solid week a couple of times with no explanation. I just can’t handle that from my host.  Though I’ll probably never know what happened to the company I once trusted and sent many people too, I hope that it is only temporary and that the company comes back full force and back to the way they were.

The move over had a little struggle, due to DNS IP problems, but all was fixed within 24 hours, and I will commend the Site5 support team for sticking with me and helping me out with every little issue that was beyond my command. I also have a Dynamic IP now, which, though is common for most people — is something new for me!

Yes, Brick Hill Publishing (my Grandma’s book website) was also moved to Site5. Not sure if anybody even wanted to know about that, but you know now.

I also thank a co-Moderator in the Vizaweb Support forum, yardbird, for turning me onto Site5. I’ve been  pleased so far, and it’s only the beginning of the road. I signed up for a 3-year host, so we’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Hi Matt,

    I’m sorry to hear about your problems but very glad you are hosting with us now. If you ever have any problems or suggestions please let me know, my email is,

    Thanks, Ben
    Site5 CEO

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