Ugggh!! At Delivery companies in general

Thursday I ordered the new Blackberry Tour (that came out July 12th for Verizon and is shipping out to Sprint — along with a few other CDMA service providers — soon after if not already released) and was told I would receive it in two business days.

Granted, it was the weekend and something just tells me that the FedEx delivery workers have a lot of packages to deliver then. But……

Saturday quickly rolled by with no phone. I’m a very patient person (now at least) so I didn’t lose my cool… However whenever I went and looked up my order status via tracking number… The package was scheduled for delivery on Tuesday by 7:00!

Excuse me to sound like that guy who complains at a delivery company but when you tell me two days prior to shipping — keep in mind that this order was placed early Thursday, thus the package was sent out that same day not long after — I expect to receive my package in two days.

Also, and here is some of the funny moments i’ve had with this dilemma, I was told first by the verizon representative that I ordered the phone from that there would be no reason the phone would not be delivered on Saturday at the latest.

Saturday night I contacted verizon again to complain that my package had not yet been delivered in the promised by verizon alloted time frame. I spoke to a different representative who told me that FedEx delivers on a business day basis, meaning that — although they clearly claim to deliver on Saturdays for most services (including the one my tracking number tells me I’m supposed to have) — Saturdays technically do not count and since they do not deliver on Mondays I was out of luck until Tuesday.

Regardless to all of that and an increased amount of patience and the ability to suck it in and not care — I’ve been managing to stay calm.

Now, here’s the worst part. The package is now as of 9:20 AM at a local FedEx facility roughly 30 miles away and I have no way of retrieving it. I can hope and pray that the delivery service that verizon used to deliver my package is covered for scheduled delivery on Mondays, because I did see a few that were, but it’s highly unlikely.

There was another tracking update that said the package was at the destination facility with a side note “package not due for delivery”. Awesome, just awesome.

I looked online for a way to contact FedEx and possibly tell them to either go ahead and deliver or I can come pick it up but all I was able to find was a toll free number that sends you to automated he’ll and gets you absolutely nowhere… Along with an email option which I did true but we will see where it goes.

I guess that is all for now. I will just have to wait and hope for the best. I do not hate any delivery company any more than the other, they all have their faults and it will probably never change. Though I never hear anything bad about DHL….

On a final note, I wrote and edited every part of this post on my iPod Touch. Impressed? Because you shouldn’t be.

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