I’ve Got Nothing

I really can’t bring my self to writing in this blog anymore. No, I’m not going to close it down.. It took me too long to get my website looking the way I wanted it to do something like that.

I just haven’t had a really good urge to rant lately. Mainly because I’ve been busy off my ass. I’ve got to get to work on getting my Grandma’s site accepting Paypal. She did it in the past, but had it canceled because of some CC issues.  I was supposed to do this about 2-3 weeks ago, but I’ve been really busy..  I know it doesn’t seem like I could be the kind of person to not have free time to do things on the computer/internet, but I can’t help it.

All I have time to do anymore is check my email, maybe my MySpace, and that’s it as far as the internet goes. Now that I am done with High School I have a little extra time, but work mostly consumes that time. I occasionally have free time to hang out with my friends — and I do that rather than nerding out on the computer. I like having a social life, keeps my mind from wandering down dark paths. (Sounds weird, doesn’t it?)

Anywho, apparently I was in the mood to rant because I just did. Well, off to Paypal.com (joy!)

– Matt

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