Matt Fowler dot Business Confusion

Well, I woke up this morning to my website being "suspended". In shock and confusion, I sent a support email to my host pondering it. Of course, having a strong conscious and high anxiety issues – I started thinking about what might have made my host Suspend my account. After giving it about 30 minutes of thought, I realized that there was seriously nothing bad that could break their terms of agreement. Well, about an hour later they got in touch with me letting me know it was nothing else but a Billing software error.  I didn't really ask for details, they apologized and turned my site back on.  What a relief.   I'm not sure what I would have done if they would have permanently disabled my site.

Also, I'm really enjoying having Vox as my default blog. I had Blogger as my default blog for the longest time. I started the "blogger" blog in 2004, and finally switched companies (Vox) in 2007. But there were other blog services that I used between the years, including WordPress, b2Evolution, and TypePad.  Vox is similar to typepad, but kind of a free alternative. It's from the same company, Six Apart. 

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