YouTube Hint: Turn Every Video to High Quality

Ever been watching a video, that you just didn’t feel utilized your Sound Card well enough? Or maybe you thought the picture was off, and could be more vivid, radiant, etc?

Well, then I have found the perfect trick for you! I use this trick because I like for my surround sound (that I paid an amount we won’t speak of) to work for EVERYTHING I do that involves sound. Why should the internet cripple that ability? Or at least YouTube?

Some videos already have the “Switch to High Quality” feature. If they do, that’s awesome! Then you don’t have to use this trick at all! You just click on it, and there you go.

BUT, since most videos on YouTube do not have that link below them, here is what you do to get it regardless:

At the end of your video URL, for example we are going to use the Hasselhoff video I mentioned in the last post. It looks something like this [] correct? Well, at the very end of your URL, tag “&fmt=18”  (minus the quotes) at the end of it. Then go to that URL and you’ll noticed that at the bottom of your video it will now say “Switch to Normal Quality”, assuring you that your video is now in High Quality mode. Isn’t that awesome!

IE: Your URL should now look like this: []

Will this work for every Operating System?
A. I don’t see why not, I can’t guarantee mobile operating systems — but Mac and Windows should all perform the same.

Q. Same question – but what about browsers?
I would definitely say you need a newer browser to do the high quality, but I guess as long as you have a quick computer, a decent sound system, a decent graphics card, then there should not be an issue on what Browser you use or what version.

Q. Why hasn’t YouTube made this an “every” video feature?
Wish I knew. But, at least its a possibility now, and I’m sure in the near feature it will be a permanent option. Anything related to technology is growing so fast. I’m proud to say I’ve seen some of the very many technological milestones in my life.

Got it? Good! It’s a handy little trick I found out that has done me a world of good. Now I have to work on a trick for MySpace Videos…

Fowler Out!

Windows Sharing in Leopard

I had to find this out on my own, so I figured I would post it on my site so maybe I can help out other people with the same problem.

I just recently upgraded to Leopard, so a lot of the things that are different about it (compared to Tiger), I’m just now finding out. One of the things that apple changed was the name and location of Windows Sharing in Preferences. It is now called SMB and here is how you find it:

Start off by opening up “Sharing” in “System Preferences”

Then, after you have “File Sharing” checked and highlighted, click on “Options…”















From the drop down menu that shows up, check the box that is called “Share files and folders using SMB”.
Though I’m not entirely sure why Apple calls Windows Sharing SMB now, this will for sure get the job done.

Your Mac (running Leopard) will now successfully show up on a Windows Computer! Yay!