This is the new site


Edit: This post mentions old styles of my site.

I can’t write much on here because I’m still working on this site. Basically,Vox was a great service – But I really wanted to incorporate my blog with my site, and with using WordPress, I’ve done so. I’ve also made it to where my site is a blog, with a few added pages. Innovation died, literally. Soon I’m going to set up redirects where innovation & experience all transfer to life.

I was unable to recover all of my old posts, the one’s from Vox are on here but the original posts (Musings of a Technology Loving Teenager) are now extinct. They can still be read on my vox page (which I plan on keeping, it just won’t ever get updated)

That’s all for now! Enjoy the new site!

-Matt – finished (the design that is)

I have finally completely re-vamping

I actually scrapped two design ideas I had before finally coming up with the one that is on there now.

Give it a look over and drop a comment on the Contact section.
<– I found this image on Microsoft Office’s Clipart gallery. Good job microsoft. Good job. ( Click here )

Links may not work, so you might have to copy and paste them the old fashion way. Remember – I email my blog posts now. It’s much easier, and faster. It might work, but it not I’m too lazy to go edit and it put them in there…maybe I will later… Depends on what kind of mood I’m in.

– Matt

Celebrating 3 years of Rants!

My blog (once Musings of a Technology Loving Teenager) now, The Rant of One, started out June of 2004, and is still ranting and kicking ass in 2007. It's very odd to look back at the archives and see some of the randomness I have posted.. Not to mention you might find some pages where I haven't updated the templates (or the server wouldn't let me – one of the two) and find some of the OLD designs for this blog.

Also, I know it's weird for me to just have posted something on this blog not even 30 minutes ago and be posting something again, but I just wanted to bring to attention of the people who actually read my posts that it's been going on for a very long time. 3 Years (to me) is a long time to keep an actual nice looking blog going.

Especially just a personal blog, not one that reviews or does anything special, but just a place for somebody like me to vent.

No, I'm not doing anything special, I just feel really good about myself… Mainly because I was actually able to keep my attention-span at ease long enough to keep a blog going.

I hope many more years are to come. I'd like to look back on this blog when I'm old and say "Yeah, I ranted."

The Rant of One

Although most of the people that view(ed) this probably only did because they read my post on — I just want to let some people that are in the Vox community know that I also have another blog.

You might call it my default blog, but do not get discouraged because I really like Vox! You can say I'm impressed.

Anyways, check out my other blog – dubbed "The Rant of One"