My Impression of Death Magnetic…So Far

Well, I could tell you every little aspect that I’ve heard of Death Magnetic from; but i’m not like that.

I’m going to just write a little blurb about the two songs that have been released to the public in the past few days.

Cyanide: I really like this song, I love the way they throw in the bass. They really let Rob hold a strong part in this new album. It’s heavy, it’s got a nice break down, and it’s James’ old voice. What else can you say about this song other than awesome? The music on this song is phenomenal, I really love the way they arranged it. They have a powerful beginning, exciting break down, a powerful solo,  and an elusive yet ever-recurring chorus to finish it off. I also really like the lyrics. “Suicide, I’ve already died, it’s just the funeral I’ve been waiting for. Cyanide, feeling dead inside, break this empty shell forevermore.” It’s just amazing.

This one was first released live at Ozzfest in Dallas, TX.  Premium Mission Metallica members were able to download the whole entire show. (Which also included an awesome Mercyful Fate rendition with King Diamond singing)

Though most people aren’t big fans of songs that clock in anywhere from 7 to 8 minutes, I enjoy it. Especially when it’s a Metallica song. They always keep me entertained.

The Day That Never Comes: I first heard this song when I streamed it off of, then I saw where they were letting Premium users download it, so I couldn’t resist. From what I understand, this was their competition/sequel to the 1991 hit “One”. The song starts out slow, just like One, then takes a quick jump into what Metallica really is. With the solos sounding just as amazing as they did on “…And Justice for All” (I’m talking about the whole Album!) Then towards the end once the lyrics have all been said it gets heavy, and I mean really heavy. I was telling people “Slayer” heavy, but it’s not that intense. It’s about as heavy as if Metallica covered Raining Blood. OK, I’m not very good at describing levels of heavy-ness, just listen to it on the radio. Be looking for the video coming out soon. (I’m hitting YouTube up every day in anticipation) Also, just like Cyanide, the lyrics in this song are outstanding. Though I don’t know for sure what the song means just yet, I’m guessing it has to do with a woman who gets beaten and she’s waiting for the day for the guy to be punished, or for her to find a man that  isn’t like her previous ones. (In other words, a good man minus the beatings)

Although I could probably write an entire short story on my impression of Death Magnetic so far, I just wanted to touch on the two songs that have been released to the public. Be sure and nab a copy of Death Magnetic in stores everywhere September 12th. Or sign up for premium and get the CD delivered to your house at 12:01 midnight.