Greeting cards & innovation

Ok, the title doesn't really go with each other, because this is actually a rant about Greeting Cards & my new web design dubbed innovation.

Since I haven't really wrote anything in awhile, I figured it was time for a rant. Now at least when people visit my blog and see the name (for those of you who for some reason don't know: It's called The Rant of One), they will see a rant on here and say "Hey! What a Rant!".

Anywho, on to Greeting Cards:
  Basically, I'm one of those people have really random and odd thoughts, and one of them the other day was "Are online Greeting Cards becoming extinct?"  Now, when I say extinct, I don't literally mean they are dieing off. I mean the trend of sending greeting cards over the internet seems to have just faded away. For me at least. I remember whenever a holiday would come around I'd hit up all the big online greeting card companies and send to all my family and friends. Now it seems like I just don't get the urge to do that anymore. And it also doesn't help that most of the big providers of FREE greeting cards now charge a membership fee. (IE BlueMountain, eGreetings, etc) Plus, the way email has evolved into a hacker/spammers/phishers playground, it's no longer fun to open up emails with external links. Let alone is it easy, because you actually have to psychoanalyze the URL and the code before you can even open up the email,
 Now, some of you who are reading this (if I even have any readers anymore) are probably saying to yourself "Hey, That Guy is right!" or some might be saying "Well, I still send them all the time", and I'm sure people still use them religiously, other wise they would be gone all together. And I'm sure the big providers that I mentioned before have subscribes that pay that hefty fee and send umpteen amounts of greeting cards everyday. That's there business, I just felt like ranting about it.

Now, onto innovation:
 I thought about releasing the first "design" of innovation, but I keep tweaking it every so often so I'm scared to put something up and it become a big thing, and then me take it off. I'm going to open up a simple innovation related design sometime in the near future with a comment box and see what people have to say about it.
    Honestly, the design process is going very well. I'm using newer javascript features that I never did before, it's more of a portfolio than ever. Instead of just being a "Hey! What Random Script or Feature can I throw on the homepage?"
A portfolio was the original intent of my site when I first bought the domain. It just kind of shifted to a personal site like any other site out on the net. Well, after I realized that if I wanted that I should just get a free site (Like Geocities), I kept tweaking and changing the design until eXperience came out. Now I'm taking eXperience and giving it a good kick in the ass.

Ok, that is about all for this blog post. I  didn't realize how much I've actually type  until just now. So yeah, done.


MountainFives info + rants

Check out the new mountain fives HQ, (Who is this generous fellow letting M5's be hosted on his site? Nobody knows…)

Hello Vox readers, sorry that I haven't posted anything on here since August 6th..2006….I really haven't had anything interesting to write on either one of my blogs. (The other one is The Rant of One)  I think the last post on there is some general useless information about – not trying to say that site is useless.

Metallica finally hit the shiny red recording button on March 14th, but now they are already planning another tour during the summer. I believe it is called "Sick of the Studio '07".   Come on Metallica, finish the album already… you're killing us….slowly  and painfully.

I seriously believe Family Guy is trying to get canceled. Seriously, have you seen the episode with the Prom Night Dumpster babies?  It's sad! That part wasn't even funny, and that's saying a lot coming from me — a guy who has sadly seen every episode of Family Guy and died laughing at least 3 times on every episode. (That's quite a bit of milk through my nose…)

This blog is called Vox's The Rant of One, so why not rant about Vox………. vox is cool….that's really the only rant I can think about these guys. I'm still a Blogger freak, so far Blogger hasn't given me any real reason to want to drastically switch to anything more powerful.  I  mean hell Blogger revamped there stuff and now you can re-arrange content and all that good stuff ( THANKS for doing that blogger after I already customized my own template and cannot use that function without installing one of your templates and losing all my edited stuff)

That's it, I'm tired of typing (me…tired of typing…ha!)