Another random update: I decided to go ahead and renew 

But "The Rant of One" is staying here, on vox. I'm not about to switch back over after I just switched. I guess I just missed owning the domain  What my plans are for this domain now—-well I have no idea. But I'll think of something. I own too many domains as it is…

I am considering moving it to Google Apps, just like I have under. We'll just have to see I guess.

Also: I changed the real title, T3H R@NT 0F 1 is not searchable, imagine that. SO it's went back to it's original "The Rant of One" title.

The Rant of One

Although most of the people that view(ed) this probably only did because they read my post on — I just want to let some people that are in the Vox community know that I also have another blog.

You might call it my default blog, but do not get discouraged because I really like Vox! You can say I'm impressed.

Anyways, check out my other blog – dubbed "The Rant of One"