Star Wars: FLOP

I should have done some researching before I went and saw this movie. First of all, I didn’t know it was a kids movie. That really upset me. Second of all, it just all out sucked. Kids movie or not, the plot was weak, the storyline had little parts in it that were cute, maybe funny, but all around  idiotic.

Here is the saddest part: The droids are the best actors in this movie. They gave the droids (a lot like they did in the Star Wars Clone Wars Mini Series on Cartoon Network) dialouge and some of it was actually pretty funny.

That was something else I didn’t like about this movie. When you watch Star Wars, don’t you think of long winded lines that are strong in intelect and can have up too 3 different meanings all at the same time? Yeah, well this movie was full of “one liners” and what I call “Captain Obvious Lines”. Here’s a good example: “The ship is failing. Oh I hope we don’t crash!” — And that’s a whole scene right there. Not even joking.

I really tried to get into this movie, but I just couldn’t. Maybe I hold too high of standards for Star Wars movies (but, seriously, can you blame me?) And what the hell was up with Jabba the Hut’s uncle Zero? If you don’t know what I’m talking about then search on youtube for Zero the Hut. WOW.

And Jabba has a kid too, in this movie, which is  basically what the whole plot is surrounded by. Please tell me the Hut family asexually reproduces. Nightmares.

I really hope George Lucas was on vacation when they made this.

That’s all.