A Few Things To Talk About

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Copyright ExtremePumpkins.com

First off, it’s finally October, (has been for quite a few days now, but I’m slow on posting! Leave me alone!) and the Halloween “spirit” is glooming towards us. At least it kind of is in my town. I am starting to see more and more decorations, and more talk of what people are going to dress up as. My first costume idea was the Joker, but then I realized how many people are going to be doing that since The Dark Knight. So, on second thought: I decided to go as Beetlejuice. If I go through with it, there will be pictures posted up on the site. If I don’t go through with it, well I guess you won’t get to see any pictures.

No, I don’t go around trick or treating, because quite frankly at my age it’s considered weird and (believe it or not) illegal. But me and my friends still like to dress up and have parties, basically just another night to have a good time — only this time costumes are allowed/preferred. [obviously]

Other than that, I’m getting that old itch to re-design again. No, not the entire site, but make a few modifications. Soon, I’m planning on putting “Happy Halloween!” somewhere on my logo. Preferably the header, I just haven’t got to actually doing this yet. [Yes, I know, it’s simple to do]

Beta is right.
Beta is right.

I also find it completely fair to also rant a little about Internet Explorer 8 for a bit. The main reason is because I can’t believe I haven’t yet! Bottom line, this is a beta program, and it’s like that for good reason.

Half of the pages will not load unless Internet Explorer 8 is in “Compatibility Mode” which is fine for advanced users, who understand that new browser engine tweaks take time to re-accompany themselves with other websites & servers.

Well, there is only one problem with that logic Microsoft: Half the population is only novice users, let alone intermediate.

Though I will admit I do like the “InPrivate” feature, which didn’t fall too soon after “InCognito” from Google Chrome. Oh well, it wouldn’t be Microsoft if they didn’t rip some feature off and swap names. Although, they could have gotten a little bit more word friendly.

Hmm… I’m done here.
Until next post!

MFDB TV & Halloween

First of all, have you checked out my YouTube account lately?

Rather than being called “Mountain Fives” (although, that is what the link still is, the channel is now called MFDB TV. (Matt Fowler dot Business Television)

I am not going to promise that I’ll update it all the time, but I am going to start putting up random videos of myself either ranting, reviewing something, or just me being me.

Since halloween is next month — I figured I’d make a little game on PictoGame.com