Kid’s Show – Episode 2 – “Bubbles Likes to Dance”

Freshly uploaded, for your viewing pleasure, “Kid’s Show – Episode 2 – Bubbles Likes to Dance“.

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Episode 2:  Bubbles Likes to Dance

And if you are completely confused, it’s probably because you never watched the first episode.  Making a little bit more sense now?

Well, then let me try and explain (for those of you either curious or still not getting what all this madness is):
Basically, Kid’s Show, [which started out “A Kid’s Show” but then the A was dropped after the release of the second episode] was an attempt to defeat & mutilate boredom. In other words, I sat down one day with a webcam on (with some effects on to make everything distorted) and starting improvising if I was hosting a slightly strange children’s show.  The first episode talked very little about history — that Benjamin Franklin was overweight — and that Children should never attempt to eat a pair of keys, and should only be performed by “trained professionals”.

Bubbles himself is a strange character, played by me (obviously), he’s very easily amused, and is definitely most known for his odd looks at the camera, along with Grunts of Pure Happiness. (see Episode 2 to see why that is in bold) Whether or not he’ll help “the children” become better adults, we’ll never know, but for now he definitely is keeping them (and everybody else) amused.

Whether or not the show is actually kid friendly is your own judgment, as of episodes 1 & 2, there have been no cursing or sexual references, — with that being said; so far the show is clean. But that does not mean anything. The actual directed audience for this little thing I’ve started is unknown, I guess you could say I just feel whoever wants to watch it — should watch it.

The second episode ran off from the very very slightly educational part of the show and introduced a new idea to “Kid’s Show” — Music.  Bubbles now has his own interactive music set up that has millions of different sounds and loops to add to the show. (cough Garageband cough)

The greatest thing about this show so far is that both episodes have been totally made up on the spot. The light to signal recording went on, and the crazy happened. None of it was rehearsed, or anything , just total improv. I love it!

Sound like something you’d like? Or at least want to see why I’ve put this much efffort writing about it? Then what are you waiting for!!

Kid’s Show

Episode 1 Episode 2 (Available in HD)

PS- be looking for the official Bubbles Likes to Dance Music Video –coming soon!