Facebook: Browse Securely (for once) in HTTPS

Facebook recently released a feature that they should of had a long time ago.

Most people don’t realize this, but when you browse Facebook, and even login to Facebook, all of your information is being sent in the clear.

What’s this mean? You are browsing their site on an “unsecured” (http: rather than https:) connection.
Which is typical for most websites, but with Facebook drawing the line with privacy as it is, you’d think this is something they would’ve embraced awhile back.

Considering 54% of computer users now admit to stealing or “piggy backing” an unsecured wireless connection, this could cause some serious problems for users who hijack an internet connection controlled by a hacker.

The new feature is found in your Account Settings, and allows you to browse Facebook on an encrypted (HTTPS) connection.

Whew, that’s a relief.  But wait… there is a stipulation… of course!

Although you are now allowed to browse Facebook securely, you aren’t allowed to play games this way! But wait, you’ve got to be kidding me? I’m not.

Whenever you click on one of your favorite games (We’ll use Family Feud for this example — one of my most played games!) you’ll see this dialog:

It appears that for whatever reason, Game Developers either haven’t embarked on the HTTPS option, or aren’t allowed too — yet.  Whenever you try to play a game, Facebook basically tell you “Either switch back to a normal connection — or don’t play your games”.  That’s not very nice.

So it would appear that once Facebook does a good deed for a change, there’s still a drawback. I guess it’s up to the user to decide to risk throwing out their information in the clear, or staying secure and being an anti-gamer.  Although, I’ve only tested this with games — I would imagine the same applies for Applications as well.