Classy Sign Off for Attack of the Show

If you’ve followed my blog, or any of my social networks, for any length of time then you’ll know my feelings toward the cable network owned by Comcast, known as G4. To summarize, in 2004 Comcast purchased the 24-hour technology cable TV network TechTV, then owned by Vulcan Ventures, and promptly dismantled it. Focusing more on pop culture and less about technology, they dumped nearly all the talent from that network and canceled several of the veteran shows. They moved production to Los Angeles, and renamed one it’s most popular shows, The Screen Savers, to Attack of the Show.

Recently, Esquire acquired G4. That is irony at its finest.

With all that being said, my feelings for G4 have been all negative up until this point. Attack of the Show had it’s series finale, and invited two special guests to cameo in this classy sign off:

Now, I think that is a great way to end an era.

PeeWee Herman… is Batman?

Paul Reubens (better known as PeeWee Herman) stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to give a little bit of a twist on “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer.

In other words, it’s the trailer we all know and love — only with PeeWee Herman’s voice. What’s not to love about that?

What makes me crack up the most on this? Morgan Freeman’s part.  The PeeWee voice change just does something to my funny bone.

The Dark Knight Rises releases at midnight on July 20th 2012.  GO SEE IT! 

Dubstep Grandma

If you saw my last post, then this will make total sense. If you didn’t, then here it goes: This is based off of a video by Skifcha.  It’s not quite as long as the 5 hours of Hipster Cat we saw last time, but it’s just a good.

Once again, I’m not a huge dubstep listener, but the video is what makes this great — not the music.


Dubstep Hipster Cat: How long can you last?

There has been a trend for awhile to take videos that are hilarious or maybe even annoying — and replay them for hours at a time. This is one of those, only it’s a whopping 5 hours.  If you can last that long, you are more man than I.

My Opinion:  I love it. I can’t say I’ve made it the full 5 hours, but pretty close. The music isn’t the greatest in the world, but that cat’s faces are what get me every time.

Here is another one of those videos… It’s called Dubstep Hipster Cat. It’s made by Skifcha.

View the original here:

Oh, Microsoft: Some Things Never Change

You have to love Demo Fails. Every company has them, and they only get funnier each time.

Many of you know already that on Monday, June 18th 2012,  Microsoft announced that they were entering the tablet hardware department with Microsoft Surface.  But that’s not really what I’m here to talk about.

It wouldn’t be a Microsoft product without a few bugs, crashes, or fatal errors. The poor guys couldn’t even make it through an announcement Keynote without a “FAIL” via Internet Explorer. This video is going viral, with nearly 2.5 million views in a matter of days.

I’ll give Windows President, Steven Sinofsky, some credit.  He handled it like a pro. Though his voice shutters a little bit, and you can see him repeatedly pressing the Windows (home) button trying to escape this conundrum,  he prevails and changes the subject.  This wasn’t the only “fail” at the keynote. The other, though more subtle than this one, could have been as extreme as an App crash or something less severe as in someone forgetting to have the login credentials preloaded. When trying to show off the Netflix app, he simply says “…Oops” and grabs another tablet from underneath a nearby table. Whew, good save.

This does set Microsoft back about 15 years, when another fatal crash is remembered during the Windows 98 launch,  where the Blue Screen of Death rears its ugly head right in the middle of a demo for “Plug and Play”  Bill Gates smiles and very smoothly says “That must be why we’re not shipping Windows 98 Yet”
Check it out: