Mozzarella Onion Rings by Nino’s Home

This has to be one of the greatest videos I’ve run across in the last 15 minutes. The internet moves fast — get used to it.

They look absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to make some myself. I’ll try to remember to share my disaster when I do make them. I guarantee they won’t look this good, at first.

Try them yourself and tell me what you think!

PS – The style of this video is how I want all cooking videos to be, just saying.

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Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie: First Official Full Length Trailer “The Red Band Trailer”

I promised updates, so here is the first official Full Length trailer for Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, provided by IGN. Definitely watch this in HD. Fair Warning: Trailer is NSFW! For a reason unknown to me, they are calling it the “Red Band Trailer”. …

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One of the Coolest Music Videos I’ve Seen in A Long Time (8-Bit Characters)

Anne Lucht’s amazing 8-Bit visual music video takes the viewers around the town of Düsseldorf, Germany . The place where electronic music made some huge leaps about 40 years ago with bands like Can, Neu! and Kraftwerk. All the while these 8-Bit characters are bopping …

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