What To Expect

Wow, you’d almost think I had forgotten how to get on here and post anything. Well, it’s nothing like that — I’ve just been busy. I do, however, have a lot of updates for you curious minded folk.

Get with it: Abbreviations commonly used: MFDB-Matt Fowler dot Business    MFN-Matt Fowler Network

First of all, I’m very proud to announce the utilization of Mattfowler.net — which was known as Matt Fowler dot Network, is being transformed into the Matt Fowler Network.  If you are asking yourself “Does he really need a network named after him??” well, although the answer is probably no, I am creating one so deal with it.  I’ve owned this domain for quite some time now and I haven’t been able to figure out how I want to go about this new step. But, I do believe I have finally figured out which way I want to this site to go. I think you will be quite pleased.  Since the internet today (and mostly has always been like this) is extremely focused on collaboration and ease of use, I figure that I can easily get this going and have instant success.  However, nobody knows what will happen.

My goal with starting this new network is to collaborate everything I do online, and have it easily accessible on one location. Sure, MFDB has done most of this for me, but I also have a lot of projects outside of this site that need recognition. Nothing will happen to this site, as it will stay exactly as it is. Only it will soon be a subsidiary of tMFN. (the Matt Fowler Network, just in case you weren’t paying attention or just skipped to this part of the post)

Also, the new improvements to MFDB are coming along great, although you aren’t able to see a lot of changes on your end just yet, they are coming. I am very picky when it comes to how my site looks so I usually don’t release the new changes unless its all at once and I have had enough time to preview, test, and debug them.  I’m done with the Maintenance Mode plugin, especially after it locked me out of my site for 3 days with no explanation. I was able to remove the plug-in and continue, but that ended my support for them. From now on, when my site is in any kind of maintenance mode you will either be redirected to another page, or you will just see a friendly “Things might looked messed up” warning on the front page.

To give you an idea of what kind of changes I’m talking about: A big one is Navigation. Sure, this may not seem like much of an issue right now, but I’ve really got to work on how I distribute my Social Networking pages and my portfolio.  Eventually, “On the Web” and all pages under it will be gone. It’s pointless to have that many pages linked to one another when I could just have one page that shows all of them at once.  Originally, the whole reason these pages are segmented like they are is because I was going to have a feed from each of them show the latest posts & updates. Well, as it turned out — once I set up FriendFeed to do this in one location, the other feeds never seemed to make it on those pages. (hence, laziness)

Also, you may have noticed that all of my videos on YouTube have been deleted. This isn’t a mistake — because I’m the one who deleted them. (obviously!) I cannot give an explanation right now as to why this was done, but I can tell you that it is related to the new MFN.  All the videos are still kept on my External HD’s, but I cannot release at this time which ones I will re-upload.  Don’t worry Kid’s Show fans, Bubble’s isn’t gone — he is just taking a break.

Ahh, ranting on the internet. I have quite missed this actually… I will indeed have to start finding more time to get on here and do this as often as I used too.