Dreamweaver 8 / Blogger Problems

Hi again…

Well I tried to post about Dreamweaver 8 last week when I had some time, but I got a bunch of errors and didn’t have the time to try and fix them. So here I am finally, on this Saturday, posting about Macromedia’s Web Editor, Dreamweaver, new version 8. It’s good. I like it. Which I’ve always been a fan of Dreamweaver, and when they announced of a new version I was right on top of it.

Those familar with Dreamweaver MX 2004 will find this one to be very similar. They just added a few extra things, and the HTML scripting is better. I cannot write all the new things and upgrades so just visit the site here.

Blogger… What a tool. If you read in my previous posts (and now on my web site) I’ve been thinking of switching to WordPress from Blogger for quite some time. And last week when I got those blogger problems it pushed my limit. I like Blogger, don’t get me wrong, but it just doesn’t give what a powerful one like WordPress does.

I also will like WordPress better (If I choose to switch) because they will run directly off of mattfowler.biz, on its own MySQL database and everything. Rather than Blogger uploading to my site. (Which means there SHOULD be less errors)

I don’t even know if you’ll get to read this post now, but I’m going to attempt it.


Effective Brand = No

I changed my mind…
Don't customize, don't download, or support Effective brand.
The toolbar I made installed spyware on my Computer, and when I emailed them about it (WITH A SCREEN SHOT PROOF) they denied and I got no where with them.

They are hopeless…EffectiveBrand..HA Deffective Brand.

Dark Rocker Dude’s Blog & Word Press

Levi's got him self his own blog now, you can view it here. Stop by and say hello.

I am also considering moving from Blogger to WordPress… But should I really risk it? Well, I am having a fight with myself what to do. That's why I need you guys (the viewers) to post a comment.

I told you comments coming back was for a good cause.

The Return of Comments

That’s right… Comments are coming back. But be nice!!! To post a comment, simply click the # underneath the post you wish you comment on, and you’ll get Blogger’s nice little instructions.

But there are rules, and they will be enforced… and if they get broken like LAST TIME…The comments will be removed again..

  • No Spamming, Please. This should not happen that much (real spammers at least) because there is a word verification box now.
  • No promoting unrelated websites (FreeIpods, etc)
  • No pornography links or TERMS
  • Be nice as you possibly can as if your child was reading this blog, because I am sure once in a great while a child is going to find this blog. It will happen.

As far as that goes, have fun commenting!

Call for Help — America– Did you watch it?

Well I watched (ok sorry recorded and then watched) the Call for Help and it was so good to see Leo again other than on my Computer! I am so glad that they are back… I just wish it didn’t start so early in the morning. I’m hoping that it starts at 5 or 6 like it used to.

Anyways, I made an image that you are welcome to save… (its to the right)

Use it as your background, avatar, what have you.


Call for Help in America!! Bout Time!

Yes Folks!!! It’s not just a rumor.. Leo confirmed it (See it here) It sounds like its almost too good to be true… Because of all people to put it back on the air, it was G4.

” G4 has purchased the show for air in the US. I will continue to fly to Toronto to produce it, and we’re not changing a thing. In fact, as those of you who have been watching it know, it’s really more like the Screen Savers of old than Call for Help used to be, especially now that Kevin Rose has agreed to appear on the show twice a week. We’ll get Patrick up to Toronto, too, I promise” As in the post by Leo… I’ll be counting the days!

It returns on August 29th. “…Starting August 29 CFH will be on G4 weekdays at 11a Eastern/8a Pacific and weekends at 6 and 7a Eastern. If enough of you watch I’m sure we’ll be able to move to a better spot in the schedule. G4 has also purchased the last four months of programs so there will be lots of great stuff from many of your TechTV favorites including Kevin, Alex Lindsay, Steve Gibson, Mr. Excel Bill Jelen, Dick DeBartolo, and of course my Canadian cohort, Amber, Andy, Mike, and Sean…” which is also mention in the post.

Don’t just take my word for it… view the post http://thisweekintech.com/node/3920


Windows OneCare – My Review

Many of you have saw, or at least, heard of Microsoft’s new idea to stop their PC’s from having problems once and forever. Well they are probably going to turn this into a Subscription service, and if its around 10-20 dollars a year I recommend it to anybody. But if its any more than that stay away from it. Go here to read my review of Windows OneCare: (The Ins & Outs)

No… this is something new I’m starting, its just where I’ll hold my reviews from now on.

Game reviews & registraton

I'm starting something new again — and maybe this one will take hold.

I'm gonna start my Gamereviews site back up. (http://gamereviews.mattfowler.biz/) — It's powered by WordPress to make it easy to post them. Its all neat and categorized so let's see how it goes.

I need a logo for Game reviews.. got any suggestions email em. matt(@+)mattfowler(dot)biz

Tomorrow is Registration day.. oh boy.

and you’re there

amazon.com Wasn't it Amazon.com's saying "Just click and you're there" ? Or something similar, I just know it sounds familar. I love amazon.com! They got EVERYTHING! And sometimes dirt cheap prices. Good place to shop.

I can no longer watch Call for help episodes — where I'm at right now at least.

2 words………..………dial…………….up………

Oh– And don't ask about the Leo thing. Moment.

Thats it! Im Done ! !!!!!!


I’m baaaaaack

Hi again,
I’m back and in business once again! (OK not in business — but you get the idea)

I had a fun trip — and I’m glad I won’t have to do it until next year. That may sound mean but I hate traveling. Especially whenever a 9 1/2 hour trip becomes a 13 hour trip.

That happend because of car problems…

Well, thats all I got right now — I’m still un packing!



Hi all,
this will be my only post until August 3rd (or 4th) because I’m going to be in Nebraska until then. I’m leaving first thing in the morning for there.

Don’t email me because I won’t be able to check it. Expect a auto response.

Thats all for now.

Cafepress and PS2

Well I've sure most of you (if not all of you) have heard of Cafepress.com, its a free (Has paid subscription) way to customizing your own items such as Shirts, Mugs, Mousepads, and even Thongs. Customizing them with your own design and such. Well I have heard a lot about it and even bought some stuff off of them, and the designing is really good and it doesn't take forever for delivery.

I was so impressed that I decided to open up my on Cafepress shop. Now it doesn't have very many items, in fact right now it's got a T-shirt and a mousepad, but they'll be more in due time.
I called it from the beginning Matt Fowler Tech Gear Shop but it kind of got pushed more over to Matt's Tech Gear Shop. Having my last name just seemed way to tacky.

You can view the shop here. Or if that don't work its this address http://cafepress.com/mfowler/ … If you decide to set up your own Cafepress store please put "mfowler" as the referral ID!

– The other topic, PS2-
My PS2 died today, after having it for what seemed 3 years (Wow ps2 has been out that long…), well technically it didn't die, but the tray where the disks come out failed. Meaning that when you pressed the eject button the blue light just flashed. Makes me kind of sad, because I know I shouldn't buy another one instead I should just wait for the PS3. The PS2 will still play games I suppose, but I don't like prying that dang thing open.

Well thats all I have to write about for now, see you later…


July audio blog post

The first one in a very long time, a Audioblog post!

Websites mentioned:

Oh and there’s no Transcript — Sorry my lazyness factor was over it’s limit this time!

Update (6:06 AM): I just thought of something, and now it makes me feel stupid. You can too have more than one person.. 3 Way Calling/Conference Calling! It records off of one phone and as far as I know records as long as you’ll let it. Then just save the mp3, edit, and you’re done.. Wow, I’m a genius. Free podcasting (Phone charges don’t count!).. One bad thing though… Quality!

Fourth of July!! (Ok Not Yet)

Yay! It's finally here, Fourth of July that is. (Ok going to be here.. get off my back)
The one day of the year that its legal (in most states) for people to act like complete retards and take the chance of blowing off something. Or getting seriously hurt. Ok, so technically that's not the legal part and I'm sorry if I offended somebody.

But, seriously, the best part is the Bottle Rockets, Black Cats, Cherry bombs, etc… I guess I like it all! (I could name off stuff for awhile)

I started today (Even though it wasn't the 4th) lighting off it seemed like a 10ft long thing of Black Cats. My ears are still ringing from the excitement… Or was it just loud?

I know that this is my first post in awhile, and its pretty lame but I got nothing to post anymore. Nothing important happens. I haven't updated my MSN Space in god knows when. Now that I said that I'm gonna post something on that when I'm done with this.

Oh! Oh! I know some news! Digg is going to be having a whole new look soon. It can be found here if you're the lucky sole who knows the beta password.

Well… I got nothing. So have a happy fourth! This will be my last post for awhile..


Ever heard of this?

This is really something old, but you people may not have heard of this before. So I thought I would post it.
This link is: Internet Archive
It's a website where you can search for websites to see what the website used to looked like
back in the days they got cached in their database… A good thing to research when your bored.

It's especially heartbreaking to look up TechTV 🙂



Many of you have asked why I no longer allow comments on my blog… well I am going to answer you all at the same time…

  1. I got tired of all the spamming, I let anybody post a comment and it was post after post, and Blogger doesn't allow a Grace Period from what I've found
  2. There was way to much use of Vulgar Language and Profanity (etc) and I will not allow that on my blog.
  3. I said no promotions of websites, no refer links (Ex. FreeIpods.com) and such and you guys did it anyways

That is the main reason I got rid of comments on my blog… I am trying not to be too picky but I was forced to go to the extreme.

Look at me, I said in my post previous of the previous one (I just lost ya) that I wasn't going to post anything in awhile… But I've had a lot of free time these past few days… Weird..


I don’t have any idea

Yeah its me again…
For some reason my blog doesn't like to load all the way I found out.. The right navigation likes to not show up unless you run your mouse over it or high light it, and it only does it on Windows machines to what I have seen.. I guess its just a CSS problem.. I'll try and get it fixed

Some Updates

Well, this just feels really weird. This is the first time I've actually posted something without going through Digg.com first.

Well, here is about the wrap up of what I've been up too… I've been digg'n and submitted comments on Digg.com, and designing & codeing me and my friends blog, The Tech Guys Word, which you will see has come a long way. I used the WordPress Kubrick theme for it even though its running Blogger like my blog is… It's a long story.

School officially ended for me May the 23 at 11:30AM… Summer Break!!!!

I've also been helping my cousin defeat a bad Trojan horse and AZESearch on his computer, believe me thats been hard enough work…

If you haven't checked out my Grandma's Publishing company, Brick Hill Publishing, then you need to now. I built the website, aren't you proud of me.

FamilyVideo (A Local Video Game/Movie Rental Store) is giving away free 5-night rentals for A's so I am in heaven there! The only catch is that it must be a new release (not as bad as..) and you can only use 1 A per visit.

Well thats about it, and this will probably be the last post you get from me in awhile… Until then keep checking out my Digg profile to see what I'm up too!

Kevin Rose Leaves G4

I can tell you right now that Sarah Lane, Adam Sessler, and Morgan Webb are next. G4 just does not want TechTV's material around. Well obviously they don't want the viewers then becuase those three people were the only reasons I still turned on G4. Now I'm addicted to watching episodes of callforhelp on cfhtracker.info !!
Kevin Rose has just announced via his site: kevinrose.com that he has been released from his contract with G4. Friday, May 27th is his last day! Help Support his their cause!

read more | digg story


Check out this cool link from http://digg.com/
(My name on there is techjunkie .. imagine that)

One Search Engine for 23 Search Engines. Searches through images, videos, blogs, news, products, audio, and of course the internet.

read more | digg story

Ever been left somewhere…?

Have you ever been going some where with a group, and the ride (Primarily a bus) leaves you at a location you stop at, and you have no idea what to do?

Well, that happend to me last Thursday. I was going on a field trip with the TSA (Technology Student Association) group of my school, we were on our way to this Theater place and then to a pretty big mall afterwards to shop around and just have fun basically.

All was going good, until we reached towards the end of the "mall excursion."
The teachers, who will remain Anonymous in this story, told everybody to rendezvous at the food-court/balcony exit at 2:30pm.

Well, anyways it was going just fine, my friend and I were just shopping around, I checked my clock it was 2:15pm, it was then that I decided we should start to head back, but first we went into a FYE store to purchase some CD's.

When we got out of there it was exactly 2:30pm, so we sprinted back to the rendezvous point, it was about 2:38 when we got there (We were pretty far away from the rendezvous location) and we went outside to get on the bus…AND THEY WERE GONE!

Of course my friend and I panicked, what else do you do in a situation like that?

Well at first we just decided that maybe they were still in the store somewhere, parked somewhere else, looking for us. So we spread out and search the mall up and down.
Nobody was around.
It was then we went back, nothing, searched some more, nothing, and repeated this about 4 to 5 times hoping to find somebody.

It was relevant then that they were not coming back. It was then I used a payphone to call my mother collect, and boy was she not happy. Of course she was not upset with me, but with them. She said it would take her about 3 hours to get there mainly because its a 2 1/2 drive there from where I live and plus she had no idea where this mall was, and the town its located in is pretty big!

So, having 3 hours to kill, and already gaven up on the group coming back, we decided to just do teenager related things, (Playing games, going Up the Down escalators, etc…)
It was about 4:30, when the teacher said "There they are!" in a pretty snooty tone. She got kind of mad at us because we were getting ready to go into a Arcade, but WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? We had gaven up on her!!

She and the other teacher started yelling at us, that it was our fault they left us. One of the teachers called us bold faced liars when we said we were there at 2:38, she claimed that "we did not board until 2:45 and they were not there when we left", where her exact words.

Now theres more but I'll leave the story at that. If you must post a comment this exact post will be on my MSN space here: http://spaces.msn.com/members/techjunkie

Spring Break

Are you ready for Spring Break? Well, I know I am! It is well deserved too. School has been driving me nuts lately, waiting for that time for it to finally be the last day! What plans do I have in store? Well, that waits to be seen because trust me I am going to be busy! Please don’t spam me (Although I know it will happen anyways..) I will “try” and post pictures of my Spring Break vacation in my moblog. Notice, I said “try” so that usually means I probably will not happen. But I can hope and pray, can’t I? Well that is about it for now, sorry the post is so short.. I AM EXCITED ABOUT SPRING BREAK!!! WOOOOO!!!!

A Well Thought out and Organized… Audio Post #1

Introducing: A well thought out, and well organized….Audio post!
They will now include a Transcript, of course because I cannot be organized, they will always include Screw ups, and ad libbing.

Here is the Transcript:

Hello again Audio-blog listeners.
Matt here, once again.
I have to say I have gotten addicted to this audio blogging, its just
so fun to do, you know what I mean? If you have not done it yet
go to www.audioblogger.com and use your free Blogger account to
create a post. Its a simple thing to do all you need is a phone
that can call long distance.
First off, I want to say, incase you could not already tell, that I am going to
be doing Transcripts from now on of what I say in my audio posts.
If you have been listening to my previous posts, they sucked pretty much.
They were not very organized. So now I am preparing my posts before hand
so I won’t do embarassing things such as “Uhhh” and “Ummm”, and especially
so I won’t crack like I did in my last post saying “Piano”.
I am also doing Transcripts just in case you couldn’t understand what I said
and so you won’t think “Did he say what I just think he said!?”
Secondly, major updates being done and more on the way.
See my blog? New logo and everything. I finally fixed it to where it doesn’t
repeat at the bottom, minor HTML error. Blogger is free and works great, but it has those
kind of problems.
If you noticed I have a new Moblog account with TextAmerica. View it by going to http://mdfmoblog.textamerica.com
The first post on there is my new iPod, got it fresh from Apple a couple of days ago.
Finally, As you may or may not know, I sent off for a Leo Laporte autograph about a week ago. Still nothing. When I get it, I will post a scanned copy of it on here. That is, if I ever do get it.
If you want your own autograph visit www.leoville.com/autographs.shtml
That is .shtml not .html Try and not get those confused.
Well I am done for posting for now, I will post later on through the week, Have
a great weekend!


I want to go on a geek cruise. That is just it.

I recently went to their website, and ordered a free magazine type deal explaining all of their cruises and what they are all about. It seems like a really fun experience. Leo Laporte went on one, and loved it, so it must be good.

Well sorry this post is so late, I have been pretty busy.

Microsoft AntiSpyware

Microsoft is now using there brains and making a Anti-Spyware engine.
I downloaded, and have been using it. I am not exactly sure if it even works…
You can download it here.
What is spyware your asking?
Spyware is a general term used for software that performs certain behaviors such as advertising, collecting personal information, or changing the configuration of your computer, generally without appropriately obtaining your consent. You might have spyware or other unwanted software on your computer if:

You see pop-up advertisements even when you're not on the Web.

The page your Web browser first opens to (your home page) or your browser search settings have changed without your knowledge.

You notice a new toolbar in your browser that you didn't want, and find it difficult to get rid of.

Your computer takes longer than usual to complete certain tasks.

You experience a sudden rise in computer crashes.

Spyware is often associated with software that displays advertisements (called adware) or software that tracks personal or sensitive information. That does not mean all software which provides ads or tracks your online activities is bad. For example, you might sign up for a free music service, but "pay" for the service by agreeing to receive targeted ads. If you understand the terms and agree to them, you may have decided that it is a fair tradeoff. You might also agree to let the company track your online activities to determine which ads to show you.

Other kinds of unwanted software will make changes to your computer that can be annoying and can cause your computer slow down or crash. These programs have the ability to change your Web browser's home page or search page, or add additional components to your browser you don't need or want. These programs also make it very difficult for you to change your settings back to the way you originally had them. These types of unwanted programs are also often called spyware.

The key in all cases is whether or not you (or someone who uses your computer) understand what the software will do and have agreed to install the software on your computer.

There are a number of ways spyware or other unwanted software can get on your system. A common trick is to covertly install the software during the installation of other software you want such as a music or video file sharing program. Whenever you are installing something on your computer, make sure you carefully read all disclosures, including the license agreement and privacy statement. Sometimes the inclusion of unwanted software in a given software installation is documented, but it may appear at the end of a license agreement or privacy statement.

Tell me what you think!

Gmail Anyone?

Yes, As posted in previous post I do have a Gmail invite, but I have not gotten any requests for somebody that wants one so I guess I'll just keep it.
If you want it send me something good here. Yes, of course I have a Gmail account!


Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve everybody! Hope that your holidays are fun and spontanious.

I probably won't be posting a Christmas one probably, only because I will be way to busy with my family.

I was afraid that I wouldn't be having a White Christmas, but it turns out I am going to be having a very white Christmas, as my town got a whole 20 inches (1 foot- 8 inches) of snow! So turns out my fear of not having a White Christmas has been post-poned!

Also, I am sorry I could not design the website any better than the logo, I did not have enough time!

I have a Gmail invite if anybody wants it, but you'll have to pay me. I am not free.. Sorry.



Well it is finally here! All that snow I've been wanting is here!
Now is a time to start singing "Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas.." or "White Christmas".
Where I live we already have a foot of snow, with about 10 inches more coming! It doesn't show any signs of stopping AT ALL!
The only bad thing is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I'll be visiting family members which means I have to get out in this crap.

But, I couldn't be more happier with it! I love snow! Always have! I haven't had non-white Christmas yet and I hope to plan not too!!!!

Send me your Christmas pictures here. (Special msn address)


Search that desktop!

As we all know, Microsoft is not one to be down charted. Meaning, they are not one to be over done and over competited. Google, as you know, created a Desktop search. Soon after, so did Yahoo.
Well, low and behold, MSN/Microsoft is created a Desktop search now!

There is only 1 thing I cannot understand about that situation. Microsoft makes, Windows, and Windows has always had a search on there OS. So, don't they already search your desktop?


Get ready folks, because Mattfowler.biz is going to have a complete make-over soon. It is going to be completely Christmas-ized! There are going to be Santa’s, Christmas trees, Bells and whisltes candy canes and more!
It is going to become one with the spirit! I want to say sorry in advance for those of you who celebrate Chanukah and Kwanzaa instead of Christmas, so I’ll say Happy Chanukah and Kwanzaa! For those of you who do celebrate Christmas, please visit my website around December to see the complete makeover!

Submission to alexa.com

Yes, just as the the title says, I submitted my website to Alexa.com. They are having a free beta testing to anybody who wants to sign up for there web-search results. Goes on many search engines, especially Google. Which is a plus for me. Also, if you downloaded MoreGoogle then you'll also get a free snapshot of your website. When I get mine, I'll let you all know. 🙂 I suggest that everybody submits there website, now while its free, and jam up Alexa.com's bandwidth >;-).. BE SAFE ON THE INTERNET!

CFH 2.0 Episode Downloads

Yes, it is true, although it may be hard to believe for you die hard CFH (call for help) Fans, but I have found a good link to where you can download the episodes that us Americans cannot see. Why? Because CFH 2.0 is a G4techtv Canada show, so if you are in canada you are in luck, but if you are like me and not in Canada, you still want to watch the show. Welldo I have the solution for you! The official Call For Help link is this.But, that will not stop me from watching Call For Help! There are a number of steps that are going to be needed to do, so pay attention. First you are going to want to visit our old friend BitTorrent. Then, after you visit them and download BitTorrent, this is where it gets good. You are now going to want to visit this website. Here, you will find files labled something like CFH001.avi. Now, this does not give you the exact .avi link, and this is why I had you install BitTorrent. You'll download the .torrent files, and it will download the AVI file from the peer you may be receiving it from at that time. I have downloaded a few and they are the full episodes, no problems at all. I enjoy watching them, its liking having Call For Help back at your home. Email me your comments on the downloadable episodes and tell me what you think. Now,on this website they don't have all of the episodes, sadly, but if you do find a site with all of the episodes, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


Using w.bloggar for blogs

Hello there blog readers,
I am using a program now called w.bloggar where you can post through this program
and will forward it to your blog. It sounds complicated, but really it isn't. I hope to use it for future posts.
It recognizes almost all blogging companies, so thats a plus.

Sincerely, Matt

Election 2004

Well its almost that time again, to decide who your favorite crook is. I’m sorry that I am so negative with politicians, I guess its because I cannot vote yet, I’m not legal. When I am though I don’t even know if I’ll vote then. They are all lieing con-artists who never do one thing they promise. But, if I could vote in this election, Bush-Cheney would probably get my vote. I don’t feel scared to say this because he has got us into a lot of stuff and he needs to be the one to get us out of it. The Iraq war had no phase on me, we needed to do what we did and thats that. Yes, I’m ready for the spam and cussing outs. Besides, John Kerry reminds me too much of Herman Munster, A frankenstein…
Plus he has a long face, I mean I though John Lenno had big face but this definitely beats him by a mile. What I can’t understand I never heard one thing about the powerful “Veteran Senator John Kerry” until this election debating started. He never did anything before when the senators did other things. I am not registered, so I cannot say whether or not I’m Democrat or Republican, but if I was registered I’d probably register Republican. Don’t really have a reason why, I just kind of feel thats what I am. I may regret saying that later on when we have awful Republicans, but once you are registered, or in my case pretend to be registered, you can’t say no WAIT I CHANGED MY MIND!
Well folks, I don’t really care who you put into office, whether a Bad-boy Texan, or a Frankenstein creation, it doesn’t really matter much to me. Whatever you choose is fine with me, its not like I’ll be the one hurting.
And of course, I’ve got a image that google kindly made and I will show:


Well, Have fun voting tomorrow!

Happy Halloween 2004!

Yes, its that time of year again. Toilet Papering, Soaping, and Free Candy.
Dressing up in these stupid one-time Walmart brand costumes, begging for candy, giving your thanks and then toilet papering the people who don’t give you enough candy.
At least, thats what Halloween means to me. Halloween is a awesome holiday to me,
what better way to celebrate a holiday than eat candy and carve pumpkins?
Not to mention all the Halloween Candy sales, 50% here and 75% there… Its even better when Halloween is done and over with and stores are stocked full of big candy bags that were rejected. Then that is when it really gets good and cheap. 🙂
This is Matt wishing you a Happy Halloween and to not get into too much trouble 😉


Cheats and What Not To Buy!

Hello again, I have a little bit of news about Sims 2. Yes I did buy it, but I had to return the first one I bought.

I bought the DVD Edition of Sims 2, Not knowing exactly the difference. Well, when I did I put it in my computer and nothing happened. Thinking my CD-RW drive was going bad, I popped in another CD. Guess What? Worked just fine.

So I took the Sims 2 DVD Edition back and got the regular Sims 2, and it worked just fine.

Heres the fishy part: The DVD Edition only has 1 GAME DISK, and the regular edition has 4 Disks, explain that to me.

Well, I promised you cheats and well, I have them here. Courtesy of Cheat Code Central.
To open the cheat panel its the shame SHIFT+CRTL+C

CODE: motherlode AFFECT: 50,000 extra simoleons.
CODE: Kaching AFFECT: 1,000 extra simoleons
CODE: help AFFECT: Displays some cheats that can be used in Cheat Panel
CODE: moveObjects [on or off] AFFECT: move any object around as you please.

There are many other cheats, but these are the ones I found the most used.

ALSO: If you can find a cheat that unlocks everything PLEASE SEND IT TO ME!

I am in Dire need of Unlocking Everything, without literally doing anything.

See ya later.

The Sims 2 is out!

Hello, and if you are like me, a Sims fan, then you probably already know that Sims 2 came out today!
This new version unlike all the expansion packs, has updated graphics and down right kick butt scenes.
Now, you won't find this in any wimpy store such as Walmart, you'll have to go to Best Buy or EB Games.
You might try checking on Amazon or Ebay.

Although, sadly, I am yet to get this game, I will soon.. If anybody has any coupon codes or something email them to me or post it as a comment. Also if you get any cheats I want to know them too.


Picasa is free!

Recently Google bought out Picasa's company and is now giving out Picasa for free. If you are like the other 5000 people who bought Picasa, you probably are wanting your money back. Sorry but that isn't going to happen. I would contact Google and tell them for your money you want a free Gmail account. You can download the free Picasa here.

Wait! What the heck is this Picasa you talk so much about?
It is a good Photo Storing program that will get every picture on your computer, from all user accounts. It also uncovers hidden pictures that somebody on your computer may not want. The program started out 199.99 dollars and is now being gave away for free by Google. Which doesn't bother me a bit.

If you are like some of the other people who purchased Picasa, email me and tell me about it. I'm nosey.

+ matt is gone. +

Geek Cruise

I recently read found a interesting site on the Internet. Its called the Geek Cruise. Where a bunch of people, like me, who love Technology and Computers, go on a cruise. I recently read it on Leo Laporte's website. He'll be going on the MacMania III Cruise which is a cruise and conference in the Eastern Caribbean, November 7-14, 2004.

It would be fun and I hope to go on one some day. Well, until next time, my name is matt and I like the soviets.

+ Matt out +

P.S. If you couldn't tell I change the way I end each post, got any suggestions? Email them to me.

Whats the best webhosting service for you?

Although there is not a "best" hosting service, it all depends on how much you want to spend. You can easily search Google for free web hosting and find many good choices.
The only bad thing with free is you don't get the beauty of having www.yourdomain.com .
Instead its usually something like www.service.com/yourname or yourname.service.com
Which usually is not that bad, if you don't mind sub domains.

Now if you are looking to spend some cash and get a good deal, here is what I approve:

Computer Wiz Inc webhosting – cheap, and has a lot to offer.
Vizaweb – Good bang for your buck, excellent support. Even Leo Laporte likes them.
FortuneCity.com – Popular, and a lot of choices.

That is really the only ones that I would trust. Don't go with anybody else.

+ Matt out +

Won’t be here for a couple of days

Hello there Blog viewers, Matt here.
I just wanted to let you all know that I won't b able to post anything for about 2 days.

I will be in the great state of Nebraska. Sorry I can't give out the exact town, you might hunt

me down.. 😉

Well, I just wanted to let you all know why I'll have post delays. You can still email me from time to time.
I also won't be editing any of my webpages that much, because I won't have the same stuff there as I do
on my computer.

The deskcam won't change either. Neither will the spycam.

It will probably be hard for me to read your emails and respond, because I won't be able to get on a computer that often, so please don't flood me.


MSN Hotmail to get AntiVirus protection for free!

It is definitely  about time don't you think? Yahoo Mail has antivirus technology for free powered by Symantec's Norton AntiVirus. 

Now, Hotmail finally is getting premium Antivirus technology for free, which to me every webmail service should. What is good about Hotmail is that it will tell you that the attachment (not the email, just the attachment) is infected..BUT.. It still gives the option to download it.. Novice users (no offense) will still probably download it.

Yahoo Mail won't let you download it if its infected. They will give you a nice little warning window that its infected and basically tell you "You can't download this file." BUT WAIT A MINUTE? THAT IS SOME PICTURES THAT I WANT AND I JUST WANT THE VIRUS CLEANED TO SEE THE PICTURES!"    If thats the case you better bring out the bucks! Because premium AntiVirus from Yahoo, isn't free.  So I would say just go to your friends house and look at them there or something!


Learn more information on this MSN/Hotmail Technology here.

Matt signing off.






I'm sorry that I switched over so quickly but my old sourcetips webpage is gone. The new one is here.

This new website will be devoted to the "Oh So Popuplar" Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2.
I know that is was kind of a big move but I will soon make a computer tips website offside that page.

I couldn't do a main page of Computer Tips, because I am way to busy with other things as it is.

Well, anywho thats my post that I didn't want to mix with  the previous one, so see you later.

Ad-Aware isn’t spyware!

Sorry its taken me so long to write a new post, I've been busy.

Ok, I am getting so tired of the rumors of Ad-Aware being spyware. It is possibly the only Spyware/Adware/Malware scanner that isn't spyware or one that doesn't break software piracys.

Spybot S&D is the worst, besides BPS Spyware Cleaner. Spybot is dumb. Thats just it. It's retarted.
Why is spybot so dumb? It thought my webpage was a CoolWWWSearch Spyware threat.
It searches for your favorites and found one of my pages and said it was CoolWWWSearch. HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE!?

Ad-aware is better because Spybot S&D will find 10 where Ad-Aware will find 200.
So all you people who are conned  by Spybot's "Ad-aware is currently installed and may find us as spyware" Which is basically trying to get you to unistall.

I admit, that Spybot does scan and will delete things, but it doesn't find all the things that Ad-Aware does!!!!!
Well, I don't want to mix post so I'll post this one then do another, so email me!

Online Petition for Leo Laporte

You may or not have known, but Leo Laporte was "laid off" (aka Fired nicely) from Vulcan Venture's TechTV merged with ComCast's G4. Now known as G4TechTV.

Now, the petition link I gave you is not mine. But I did find it on the internet, so you should sign it. I have.

Heres the link:


Something that really gets me is that even though he won't be filming in America anymore, he'll be filming in G4TechTV Canada.
View his page here.

Take care Leo, you'll be missed.

Matt signing off.

Remember– you can send me all your computer questions and needs here.


Well I know that I usually only talk about sourcetips.com or family matters, but I am living up to my title as a Computer Tip Professional.

This tip is for the Novice users who want there website to have a cool tip.

Ok, lets say you go to a website that has an Email Link, its usually something like EMAIL ME, Well my tip will spice this up a bit.

First off, lets say you get frequent emails. Similar to me. And you have little contests or whatever and you want to know if these people are submitting for this instead of bull crap emails. Well, you'd probably want them to put in the subject something like "Contest entry" but what if they forget. Heres how to make it say that without putting it.

1st. when you link your email, do this mailto:youremail@yourdomain.com?subject=Contest (changable). this will put the subject as Contest.

The only thing it may not work for is if you use Yahoo Mail as your default mail client. Its best to use a POP3 client to test it. Its no good if you use webmail.

2nd. Picture this, you want your website referred. But its cheasy to say "Refer me to your friends & Family!

Heres a better way to do it. On the mailto: line type this mailto:?body= Check out this site! http://yourdomain.com/! This will give the clicker the option to type in who he wants to send, and then he won't need to type in a body referral message.

Need more tips? Email me

I suggest making a flash text or button, because this is the only way that it won't show up on the status bar. You could also put up a scrolling text down there but if they were smart they could go fast and read it..


Matt signing out.


Today I checked my yahoo email account, and I hade 354 new email messages, and that wasn't even in my spam box. I had over 500 in my spam box. How people get that yahoo email I'll never know.

Luckily, yahoo has that free 100MB of free storage, which I might add Hotmail is going to 200MB and Excite is getting 215MB or 250MB, im not sure which. I can't really understand why everybody is going nuts about it.

Google is going to beat them all though, With GMAIL giving a whopping 1GIGABYTE of free storage. You can get free 1 GB storage at Spymac, but its not reliable.

Matt signing out

free virus scan

I hate freaking viruses, and I hate "free scanners" that don't work.

Don't use McAfees free virus scanner because it doesn't pick up anything, also don't use Avast's free virus cleaner because all it doesn is install spyware and claim its "deleting viruses" but then you scan with Norton and they are STILL there!

The best FREE scanner I've found is TrendMicro's Housecall scanner. It is a really reliable scanner that even has a free quiz to save 20% off of Trend Micros Internet Security suite. Very good scanner..

Matt signing out.

Cousins & Aunts tomorrow

well hello once again
guesswhat! tomorrow I go to my moms house where I will see my aunt and my two cousins from nebraska! I cannot wait!!

But, I have to become the computer technician once again and set up the router to share my cable internet with them, I was like mine but it doesn't bother me.

Its 4:10am and i still haven't been to bed.

Matt signing out.

sourcetips.com update

well, ive basically made this blog about sourcetips.com if you haven't been able to tell. So let me just say that its being rapidly updated right now. We are making a portal page as I type.

I've got my own page on there, so check it out.

Check out the 404 page I made, make up some link or I did for you.

Well see ya later!

secure connection

If you read in a previous post, about sourcetips.com, well it also

can be viewed in a secure connection (SSL). One problem, the secure connection won't get updated as much and plus you have to INSTALL the security certificate. Which isn't that bad, because neither me or my aunt is going to give you a virus, intentionally. We both run Norton AntiVirus 2004 frequently and have secure FTP/Firewall services. I use Norton Personal Firewall and she uses ZoneAlarm Pro.

seeya! matt


Whether you may or may not know, me and my Aunt are combining to make an all out computer tips website. The domain will be Sourcetips.com so please stop by frequently to see whats been changed.

Now, if you go there now you'll probably get an annoying Under Construction page so please don't complain to me about it.

Instead of me explaining every detail on a blog, thats supposed to be brief, please email me on my sourcetips domain and I will


I can also start answering questions on that email too. That will be some of the reason this website is going to be about… Dang I've said to much!!

fourth of july

Well, its finally here. Its the fourth of july for the year 2004.

Today is the day where everybody goes crazy with the loud bangs that make us happy. Why we really cannot say, but we all enjoy it.

My hometown is having a pretty big Fireworks festivel down at the local Fairgrounds so it should be fun.

Please email me and tell me what kind of festivity you are going to have.

See ya!