Look at this odd looking…bug? Insect? Some sort of caterpillar.  It has what looks like horns on it. Can anybody identify it?

Nature’s Beauty Confuses Me

  Isn’t this genius? The creativity in people today is fantastic.  However, I always believe to give credit where credit is due, so please visit the original author of this gem.

Facebook Draft Card (Everyone online)

  Don’t you think? I know technology is a big and scary world now, but it’s a camera. We get it.  It takes pictures. You can find this gem here:  http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=Mac/10.6/en/9027.html

We’re a little smarter than that, Apple.

Viacom, oh Viacom. What have you done? Rather than explain myself, I’ll let Mike Mozart from JeepersMedia do it… Pretty heavy stuff, huh?  Please embed these videos everywhere and get the word out. We need to rescue our YouTube.

Mike Mozart Tells it Like it is

Why didn’t anybody tell me they released one of my favorite “Crap Cleaner’s” (CCleaner) for the Mac?  Granted, it’s still in the early BETA stages, it still seems to work like a charm!  I have been waiting for this release for awhile, so I am really glad to see it finally […]

CCleaner for Mac

Received a very pleasant email from Microsoft today: We hope you’ve had an opportunity to explore the features of your Office 365 trial.  Your trial expires in 30 day(s), but you can continue enjoying all the benefits by purchasing a  subscription today. If you do so within the next 30 […]

Office 365: Goodbye and Good Riddance

Talking to Michael Mozart on Google Plus Hangout, he’s informed me of a new Youtube called Cosmic Panda. check it out!  He’s also the guy who Al from Al’s Toy Barn in Toy Story 2 was based off. For good reason too, considering he has a 6,000 square feet toy […]

New Youtube: Cosmic Panda

  OK. Time for some nit-picking, but don’t worry — there will be a few positive remarks thrown in there. I have already complained enough (and so have many other Google Plus users) about the problem with the stream being, how do you say it, unreliable?  No, I’m not saying […]

Google Plus: A Complain Here, A Compliment There

Although this image is floating all over the interweb, I felt it necessary to also put it here. I’m anxious to get a Google Plus invite, and I hope that is what we’ve been looking for in a Facebook alternative.

Take that Facebook

While still in the very early stages of the Matt Fowler Network, I’m trying to decide which live streaming option to use.  There really are so many, it’s hard to choose. Right now, I’ve been playing around with Justin.tv, and I am happy with the results, but I am always […]

Which Streaming Option Should I Use?

Steve Jobs wants Sean Connery to take part in some sort of advertisement, and Sean Connery isn’t having it. He doesn’t sell his soul to Apple. After all, he is James Bond. He’s Scottish. And he won’t have any of that, Mr. Jobs   (by the way, I realize that […]

Sean Connery is Fu***ng James Bond

Quick picture taken of a 7 string guitar, and with a few small effects it looks just like a stock photo you would find either on a cell phone or computer. Check them out.

Stock Photos that aren’t Stock Photos

The creative minds behind YouTube (Google) have done something pretty amazing. If you haven’t watched the addictive-ness that is Nyan Cat, go ahead and do that real quick.  Ok, are you back? Now that you’ve witnessed that… did you notice anything different about the playback bar?   Maybe this will […]

Nyan Cat: Meet Nyan Bar

For awhile, I kept all of my old posts (prior to 2007) on a Typepad blog. Why? Mainly because at one point in time they were on a blogger account. Then I exported them, and moved to Vox. Well, SixApart bought them out and I was forced to shove them […]

Enter the Archives

92 degrees outside.  How wonderful. I mean really.. earlier it was 88 heat index of 96. First I don’t get why they just don’t say it is 96 out.   Oh well. However. The high today was projected at 92.  I know most meteorologists can only go by what the flashy […]

Today it is

For awhile now, I’ve tried to tease around about the idea of an entertainment network. Now, it will finally be happening. But its going to take a lot of time. A lot of money too. You will like.

Behind a Lightbulb

I have a strong love for Russia, and this just makes me love them that much more. Apparently, this kitten got ahold of a cigarette, and well, from what you’ll see from the video, doesn’t intend to give it up.   Quite hilarious! The nice people decided to take down […]

Russian Kitten refuses to give up cigarette

Pineapple Leader: We must resolve our differences and stop this Orange threat once and for all. Lemon Leader: This was only one, and it took all of us to take him down, is it possible we will need to get assistance from Strawberry and Raspberry? Pineapple Leader: Are you kidding? […]

The Unholy Alliance in the land of Haribo

MMM, Fruit Gushers
…In FOREVER! I picked up a 12-pack today, so I could relive my childhood snack. No, they aren’t good for me. And there’s only 10% nutritional value (Vitamin C) packed inside– or so they say. But I don’t care. They sounded delicious, and go great with Sweet Tarts. I don’t […]

I haven’t had a Fruit Gusher…

We all remembered that the internet is not a reliable source. Yes, there are a lot of official sites out there. Those are good. Warm and yummy in my good? OH yes you better believe it. However,  and this is the stinger,  there are a lot of goofy sites out […]

Let’s Just Say

I ask you. Because I have an idea Click it for a bigger view. Sorry it took so long to get it on here, had some permissions issues that were easily fixed. Once I got around to it.

Is the coffee ready?

Help the cause, Skype, and add these numbers to your “FREE” list we all know you have. Thank you Google.  Everyone please help out and donate what you can. God Bless Japan.   Phone numbers to consult about missing persons: (Japanese language) Iwate: 0120-801-471 Miyagi: 022-221-2000 Fukushima: 0120-510-186 / 090-8424-4207 […]

Japanese Earthquake

  I’m sure this poll/quiz is not in the least bit accurate, but it sure was fun to take!  Found it to be quite interesting, actually, once you ignore the few typos here and there. It’s just very interesting the questions that’s been grouped up. You’ll have to take a […]

POLL: Liberal or Conservative

I knew it had a short somewhere. USB port zaps on touch. Eck Poor iMac Time for an upgrade

oh no!

Although Apple does a pretty good job at letting you know what’s hot, sometimes Google falls short.  Now you can know in real time what’s hot and what’s selling. The easier solution to manual search.  

Chomp: Find Your Apps the Easy Way

Got this in the mail, appears that 4G will be $10 cheaper than your current plan. What I can’t figure out is it my current plan is actully 29.99 a month, so it is actually $20 higher. Hmmm.

Verizon 4G LTE: so 3G is going up..

In honor of Subway’s “Februany” $5 Foot long special (even though February is almost over), I decided to ask my community one solid question: What’s your sandwich? Do you have that select one that you always get? I know I do. It’s the following: Bread: Honey oat Meat: Turkey Cheese: […]

Subway: What’s your sandwich?

And it doesn’t matter  if you do or not, but know this: I pray for you almost every night. I do forget sometimes, I am human and a male after all. But a lot of times I will make the comment to God that he take away all the problems […]

I Pray

Facebook recently released a feature that they should of had a long time ago. Most people don’t realize this, but when you browse Facebook, and even login to Facebook, all of your information is being sent in the clear. What’s this mean? You are browsing their site on an “unsecured” […]

Facebook: Browse Securely (for once) in HTTPS

Today I received an email from Adult Swim where they are offering (what I think at least) one of the coolest Valentine Gifts you can get for a fan. It obviously doesn’t have to be for your Valentine, as someone could buy a bunch of these in advance before they […]

Adult Swim: Create Your Own DVD for $20

When I die, it is too late. Oh well. Some of these life insurance ads are a little pushy if you ask me. What’s the price of my death? How I see it, once I’m gone it won’t matter to me.

You know what, they are right.

And I am 100% sure that is all that there is to say about that

The Holes

To my site that is, hope you enjoy it. I’m tired of messing with it and will resume later.. ——- It’s early and I’m back at it again… oh no: My youtube videos stopped displaying on the sidebar and footer! What happened?? ——- Well, since the YouTube Widget seems to […]

Been doing stuff

I’m not afraid of cursing on my own site, let alone for the title of a song. I fell in love with this song awhile back, but this wonderful woman (name? I have no clue, and it doesn’t matter!) who translated the entire song into ASL has made me appreciate […]

Sign Language Version of Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You”

Oyamel Cocina Mexicana 1 (202) 628-1005 401 7th Street Northwest, Washington D.C., DC http://m.google.com/u/m/x4QzdO

Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

When younger kids grow up, meaning ones who now  are currently 10 or younger — they will not know what it means to not have a cell phone, video game console, ipod, touch screen devices,  3D, high speed internet, social networking, among other things. Is this good or bad? One […]

Just think..

Edit: It appears I posted too soon. The update said system version 2.3.340 — but its Android version 2.2.1. So that means its coming, but not just yet! Gingerbread An update that fooled me into thinking it was 2.3 is a go-go on my Droid X! That was quick, Google. […]

Android 2.3

I’m sure he has a little resent on his mother now, or that little wise-crackin’ Canadian.

Poor Guy

I like it and I think you will too. Me share good things win you, no?

Tree Wire

I love catching Google Street View cars on Google Maps.  As many as I’ve seen, I’ve never seen this: Most of the time when I catch one of these Google Cars —  I’m never able to see the camera, but rather the equipment that holds the camera. Somehow the camera […]

Google Street View Car: That’s a Huge Camera!

I love this song… One evening as the sun went down and the jungle fires were burning, Down the track came a hobo hiking, and he said “Boys, I’m not turning.” “I’m heading for a land that’s far away beside the crystal fountains;” “So come with me, we’ll go and […]

Big Rock Candy Mountains

Looks like crap, but tastes amazing. Essentially Peach cobbler mix (peaches, egg, wheat, milk and sugar) Add water. And chocolate ice cream.  That’s it.

Peach chocolate shake

Have you messed with XtraNormal Text to Movie? It’s an easy way to create short animated videos. You edit the script, change the camera angles, and so much more! Here is what I came up with:

XtraNormal: Spanish Speakers

Everybody has that certain somebody who knows exactly how to spoil a good mood, and SNL captured it pretty perfectly. Although, the funniest part of this clip is the fact that they couldn’t keep a straight face throughout it. I quite personally love when sketch comedians break character. Makes me […]

Do You Know a Debbie Downer?

I tried to get a picture of her sleeping but she heard me sneaking up on her. This picture works just as well.

Get a good stretch in

Although I wasn’t around for this, it’s interesting to see what the first mainstream “Touch” computer looked like. Introducing, from the Computer Chronicles television show, the HP Touch 150 Computer, circa 1983. Even at this point Touchscreen computers weren’t exactly a new idea, they just weren’t very popular outside of […]

HP TouchSmart’s Great Grandfather, HP Touch 150.

I’ve posted this everywhere, except for here. Until now. Pajama Pants in Space is proud to announce a new track! Posted exclusively on Myspace. ” 4:28 “ Find more artists like Pajama Pants in Space at Myspace Music Go check it out! © Copyright 2010  Matt Fowler and Pajama Pants […]

New Track: ” 4:28 ” by Pajama Pants in Space

Things that may not make very much sense amuse me the most. In fact, anything that makes people think makes me the happiest.

Make people think

Hard to believe this cat is 19 years old.

Kitty sleep

Copyright baconbabble.com


Since my recent decision to pull out of the election and not run for President, I decided to make a poll so I can see what people actually think about this. Vote now: http://twtpoll.com/y6sojo Yes, I realize how short of a run this was… but it just wasn’t my style.

New Poll: No Longer Prez

I want to take the time to talk to my loyal readers about Google TV, and my prediction for the future of television and technology as we know it. First of all, I’ve have had the hunch for quite sometime now that Internet TV was going to make a comeback. […]

Google TV: Technology of the future

I wanted to touch base with those of you confused about my recent announcement. All I have to say on the matter right now is some things have to happen. Use twitter it is your friend. That is the best way and I’m not going to be keeping any updates […]


Edit: As of Oct. 27th 2010 – I have pulled out of the race for president. It was meant to be a funny thing to begin with, and became more serious than expected. Also, I have come to the conclusion that I have no place in politics. With that being […]

I’m Ready for a BETTER America

Seriously… what causes this? It happens randomly with different programs. Thank the good lord for Command + S

Time for a new mac…

Those of you who have been following my blog and/or site know two things: 1. I like change, and there for awhile I was changing things around yearly, sometimes even more frequent than that. 2. Not all of my old blog posts (prior to Aug 2007) are on here. This […]

Older stuff…goodbye Vox

Thank you for keeping all of my old posts alive. I look forward to using this blog for further ventures very soon.

hello typepad

You were a monster on the tv Please take a look Youtube.com/mountainfives for more info Also going to be fixing some things on the web soon. Most active on twitter anymore, which is sad. Oh well.

I thought

Can’t recall if it was AT&T or Verizon who said that Google was “free loading” on their network. In other words, using an extreme amount of bandwidth when “not necessary” So now Google Instant has been launched. Adding to the suggested search queries catalog, Google now automatically loads popular searches […]

Google Instant

Google: First of all, I want to congratulate you on an excellent operating system. I hadn’t had the privilege of using an Android powered device until now. However, i’m confused as to why the Droid X has yet to receive the latest update 2.2 codenamed Froyo. Especially When the new […]

Hey Google and Verizon

Felt the need to share this with everyone, as it is very clever. Now, apparently you are supposed to pour your drink of choice before doing this, but it works just as well without having to drink anything. Turn the  environment around you  into a care-free, relaxed, stress free room. […]

Peaceful Relaxer

Everyone by now should have played Plants vs Zombies. If not go do that right now. For those of us who weren’t dead to the gaming world and have already played and mastered it, you will appreciate this as much as  me. These are classical guitar renditions of Plants vs […]

The Zombies…are coming

According to Google, Yahoo, and Bing… Facebook causes divorce, depression, jealousy, and even cancer. Now I’m sure that once this gains enough attention Google will take it down, along with Yahoo and Bing following the same path. Grab your screen shots now, or take the ones I’ve provided below. Going […]

Facebook Causes…

The Joker, the nickname given by the crew to one of the 72 ton, 40 foot long Assault Breacher Vehicles. “The Joker” is seeing its first combat duty in Operation Cobra’s Anger in Afghanistan. ABV’s are fitted with a plow and nearly 7,000 pounds of explosives. The Breachers are the […]

Assault Breacher Vehicle – “The Joker”

So I am thinking… As I sit here with access to my blog via Blackberry…..why not go off into blog land for a little bit? When is the last time I did that? January, it seems to be. What do you know about that? Sun is coming up, sky looks […]

Early Morning

Well, I do believe something has gone terribly wrong at TwitterCounter.com As you can tell from the chart above, even though my Twitter profile stays the same, the counter on my site and the direct stats from Twitter Counter shows I have 0 followers. Yes, I know, this isn’t really […]

Umm.. I think Twitter Counter is Broken

Wow, you’d almost think I had forgotten how to get on here and post anything. Well, it’s nothing like that — I’ve just been busy. I do, however, have a lot of updates for you curious minded folk. Get with it: Abbreviations commonly used: MFDB-Matt Fowler dot Business    MFN-Matt Fowler […]

What To Expect

I have to get my hands on this story. It’s too much. It all started with Verizon issuing AD’s displaying a rich vibrant red 3G coverage map, and AT&T’s “spotty” blue coverage map. Of course, why wouldn’t this make AT&T upset. Turning to legal matters would seem like a sure […]

A Better 3G Experience, AT&T vs Verizon

It’s been a little while since I’ve reported anything, especially Pajama Pants in Space. The all-genre band by yours truly. Awhile back, you may remember me mentioning a PPIS website. Well, that day is finally no longer a myth. You can check it out here: http://www.mattfowler.biz/ppis Yes, I know, not […]

Pajama Pants in Space Update

You know, I won’t speak my feelings toward the President. However, regardless how you or I feel, just because he was born in Hawaii doesn’t mean he forgot where he spent most of his time. As soon as H1N1 hit Illinois hard, he declared it a National Emergency. Granted, he […]


Can’t write much because I’m actually on the road to the St. Louis Dethklok/Mastodon show, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I strongly believe that the 99 cent question answerer KGB sells your cell number to sponsors and other third parties. I know this because I hadn’t […]

KGB Sells your number!

Anybody heard anything about Powermats? I mean I understand that it is something inside the back panels that connects wirelessly to the mat.  Something tells me it’s not safe. Could be wrong. Little pricey, but I guess it’s a little worth it. $99.99 Powermat Portable Recharging Mat. Target or Best […]


Photographer Jon Feinstein has taken fast food pictures to a new level. From Good.is: In the short time since fast food chains have become part of our national (and global) culture, a number of burger shops have begotten some truly iconic–and insalubrious—food items, the mass production and marketing of which […]

How do you look at Fast Food?

I will never forget… And neither should you.


Today would have been Michael J. Jackson’s 51’st Birthday, and in honor of this event I wanted to write a little ‘Happy B-Day/Memorial’. For those of you who don’t know, Michael Jackson was found dead at his rented mansion at 100 North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills district of […]

Happy Birthday, King of Pop

Well, the new design is here.  You are looking at it. During the next few weeks you’ll see everything come back together and it will be my site 100% again. I just have a few stylesheet tweaks & edits left, along with getting all myold widgets re-configured, and then everything […]


Apparently Xbox 360’s proud Xbox Live service is getting a complete update on August 11th. From Xbox.com: One of the amazing things about the Xbox LIVE experience is that it’s always getting better. The upcoming August 11, 2009 Xbox LIVE Update truly cranks it up a notch – with features […]

Xbox Live Service Update: August 11th, 2009

Thursday I ordered the new Blackberry Tour (that came out July 12th for Verizon and is shipping out to Sprint — along with a few other CDMA service providers — soon after if not already released) and was told I would receive it in two business days. Granted, it was […]

Ugggh!! At Delivery companies in general

Updates on the Posterous confusion: I am using Posterous now to upload pictures, videos, etc to my blog (in hopefully, what I consider, to be much faster than the traditional way) and so far everything is working out great. You email whatever it is you want posted, and away it […]

Live and Learn

Some of you may be familiar with my cat, Ocean. Well, even if you aren’t — you should add her on MySpace. That’s all for now, more later. very busy

Ocean Has A Myspace Too…

RIP  Michael Jackson… So very unexpected… Confused? Michael Jackson, the sensationally gifted child star who rose to become the “King of Pop” and the biggest celebrity in the world only to fall from his throne in a freakish series of scandals, died Thursday. He was 50.Jackson died at UCLA Medical […]

‘Little’ Michael Jackson! NOOOO!!!

The Michigan Trip Has Come To An End Permalink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgis8av32-8 The Michigan trip has come to an end, next month is Nebraska. Hopefully, I will post some videos while on the road. But don’t bet on it, I enjoy my sleep on road trips, along with I’ll be driving some, […]

Heading Home

Don’t fret, because your domain CAN BE SAVED. The original way to get out of Vizaweb was to contact them (which now, simply just doesn’t happen) and they would gladly move your domain to ‘domains.vizaweb.com’.   Well, now when you visit that link you see an “Index of /” page – […]

Help! I’ve registered my domain with Vizaweb and I think ...

Hi There! Just writing a little post before I get started on packing.  I will be gone from June 2nd (tomorrow morning at 7, I leave) until June 10th. I am taking a trip to Michigan to watch my two cousins graduate. (One High school – the other 8th grade) […]

Gone For A Week!

This post goes out to the following family members & friends who have passed away: All of who, are loved and missed dearly. Elizabeth L. (Turner) Wilson, my Great Grandmother, who passed away October 31st, 2008. Wallace G. Fowler, my Grandfather, who passed away April 26th, 2002. Essie V. Robertson, […]

Happy Memorial Day

Ok, I don’t even watch American Idol (let alone Britain’s Got Talent) that much, but have you heard about Susan Boyle? “I’m trying to be a professional singer,” Boyle said. “I’ve not been getting the chance before. But here’s hoping it will change.” That’s when the looks on the faces […]

Susan Boyle…Have you heard of her yet?

I know that I post a lot about Metallica, but hey, they are my favorite band — I’m going to do that. A few days ago I purchased a copy of Guitar Hero: Metallica (as if you didn’t see that coming), and I got to say – I’m impressed. It […]

Guitar Hero: Metallica – Reviewed.

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Well, I finally made the switch. After hosting with Vizaweb for a good solid 5 years, as of March 23rd, 2009 — Matt Fowler dot Business was successfully hosted and ran successfully under Site5.com hosting. I’ve already noticed some very significant differences after I did this. My page, at least […]

Goodbye Vizaweb

Freshly uploaded, for your viewing pleasure, “Kid’s Show – Episode 2 – Bubbles Likes to Dance“. Watch it now on YouTube:   (Available in HD) Episode 2:  Bubbles Likes to Dance And if you are completely confused, it’s probably because you never watched the first episode.  Making a little bit more […]

Kid’s Show – Episode 2 – “Bubbles Likes to Dance”