In the words of Grumbles "Mrmrmrrmhhmrmmrhmmhr"


This doesn’t make any sense to me. This is the dialog box I get when I click on links. Why is NFL Mobile an option? Well, I went ahead and tried it for shits and giggles. Verizon wanted me to subscribe for the service,  and since I’m not a huge […]

NFL Mobile as an Internet Browser?

Your browser does not support the video.. If this video doesn’t work… I am sorry. Just a dumb reposted vine video. Oh and follow me on vine for more fun: @mattdfowler

Video test

Hey, I haven’t posted in awhile and I am sorry for that. So… Here we go:

Das it Mane

Cats Imitating Art
I wanted to share this somewhere like Twitter or Facebook, but it’s just too damn huge for all that. Ain’t nobody got time for dat on their feed. So I decided to post it on my site. It’s from MemeCenter (at least that is where I got it) — I’m […]

Cats Imitating Art

I NEED to do more things on here than I do.


I see something like this and it reminds me of how badly I need to stop drinking soda. It’s just so damn tasty. I’m shocked to see how much there is in a little thing of milk. I drink 2 gallons a week… Maybe I’ll at least cut back.

That’s a lot of sugar

Valentines Day Animation
  I have no clue what this has to do with Valentines Day, but it’s funny and I ‘m using it as a Valentines Greeting. Maybe because the statue resembles Cupid? I don’t know, just enjoy it.

Happy Valentines Day

If you’ve followed my blog, or any of my social networks, for any length of time then you’ll know my feelings toward the cable network owned by Comcast, known as G4. To summarize, in 2004 Comcast purchased the 24-hour technology cable TV network TechTV, then owned by Vulcan Ventures, and […]

Classy Sign Off for Attack of the Show

With the possibility of a world ending, the inauguration of a president, and soft-core cable porn still in bloom — it’s nice to see everyone is still alive and kicking.  I’ve started a new job (technically I did last year) and I’ve been extremely busy. I promise to start updating this site a lot […]

I’m Glad To See You’re Still Alive

The World Didn’t End, just like we knew it wouldn’t. Or, maybe it did end — and the internet kept on trucking. I’m going with it didn’t end.

If You Can Read This…

For $1.99 (or maybe cheaper?) you can enjoy the wonderful flavors of Wild Boar, Alligator, Kangaroo, Venison, Buffalo, Ostrich, and Duck all in a spicy “meat” stick. I can understand Venison and Buffalo… but I can’t really figure out why anyone would want to enjoy a meaty Kangaroo stick. No […]

Do People Actually Eat This Stuff?

Following today’s Apple Keynote, their music social network (called Ping) experiment silently received a death notice. However, most people didn’t even know about the social network in the first place. Before we get into why this never worked, let’s detail exactly how we knew it came to an end. Apple […]

The Death of iTunes Ping: Apple’s Failed Social Network

How many times have you seen on the right hand side of the page “Jane Doe (your friend – in this example) likes Pepsi” – or Verizon Wireless?  The company or product doesn’t really matter, because if you haven’t changed your privacy settings, it’s targeting your friends with your identity […]

Did You Know Facebook Is Using You?

iTunes has become the go-to place for Podcasts, and is the primary source for most people’s subscriptions. However, syncing them with your iOS devices has been, if nothing else, trivial and a little wonky. This would leave people with podcast fatigue. In other words, people would stop listening to a […]

Apple Podcast App

This isn’t exactly a new service, by any means, but I don’t think it’s gained nearly as much traction as needed. Google Music (now known as Google Play Music) is a free service provided by our friends at Google that allows you to upload 20,000 songs to the cloud — […]

Maybe you didn’t know…Google Music

Paul Reubens (better known as PeeWee Herman) stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to give a little bit of a twist on “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer. In other words, it’s the trailer we all know and love — only with PeeWee Herman’s voice. What’s not to love about that? […]

PeeWee Herman… is Batman?

If you saw my last post, then this will make total sense. If you didn’t, then here it goes: This is based off of a video by Skifcha.  It’s not quite as long as the 5 hours of Hipster Cat we saw last time, but it’s just a good. Once again, […]

Dubstep Grandma

There has been a trend for awhile to take videos that are hilarious or maybe even annoying — and replay them for hours at a time. This is one of those, only it’s a whopping 5 hours.  If you can last that long, you are more man than I. My […]

Dubstep Hipster Cat: How long can you last?

Now, I’m sure most of you are thinking: “Well, I DON’T trust anything on the internet!” And good for you, because most people don’t. However, there are a few people out there that rely on the internet for reviews of either restaurants, apartments, or any other product. It isn’t abnormal […]

Why Do We Trust Anything On The Internet?

You have to love Demo Fails. Every company has them, and they only get funnier each time. Many of you know already that on Monday, June 18th 2012,  Microsoft announced that they were entering the tablet hardware department with Microsoft Surface.  But that’s not really what I’m here to talk about. […]

Oh, Microsoft: Some Things Never Change

The internet is a very social place, we all know this much to be true. What we don’t know, even though we think sometimes we do, is how powerful social networking can really be. You would think, someone like me, who tweets as much as I do, would have put […]

Getting Back To Social

You might have noticed my last post, where I talked about “Twitter Hating Me”.   I didn’t mean that they actually had a grudge against me, but that post received a lot of feedback — most of it positive — and left people wanting to know what ever happened with […]

Maybe Twitter Doesn’t Hate Me After All

I originally posted this on Google Plus. However, I feel my blog readers should have some insight as well. I’ve been suspended on Twitter. This has never happened before.. Honestly, I find it kind of funny. Twitter thought my account was “Spamming” because I was posting so much about Apple […]

Twitter Hates Me

With the announcement of Microsoft Photosynth finally coming to Windows Phone, it bears some notice that I should have covered this earlier. My deepest apologies. I’m covering it now. Now,  what exactly is Microsoft Photosynth you are asking? Well, the folks at Richmond cooked up this little application that allows […]

Microsoft Photosynth: Truly Amazing

This is Grandpa Baby. He is currently looking for a wife. A Mrs. Grandma if you will. He goes on many adventures. But don’t cross him.

Grandpa Baby

listen to ‘Irish Pub’ on Audioboo Irish Pub (mp3) Posted from Matt Fowler’s Posterous

Irish Pub

listen to ‘ocean peace ’ on Audioboo Posted from Matt Fowler’s Posterous

ocean peace

Golden Pot (mp3) Posted from Matt Fowler’s Posterous

Golden Pot

weatherman (mp3) Posted from Matt Fowler’s Posterous


listen to ‘Failed Bootleg’ on Audioboo I was trying to record a song I heard playing, so I could identify it later on. However, the song ended right as soon as I started recording. If you have any ideas what the name of this song is — please let me […]

Failed Bootleg

First we got SamWell, Mario’s Brother. That makes me think of something… Oops, the button fell off. Wee snaw. Wee snaw.

No wonder bread for you

Apple's New iPad
Apple announced the new iPad on March 7th. They aren’t calling it the iPad 3, and they aren’t calling it iPad HD. It’s just the new iPad. That’s it.  Honestly, it’s a smart move. At least this way they aren’t starting to sound like a Rocky sequel. I’ve watched the […]

The New iPad: What Did I Get Right?

Apple's Invitation to the March 7th Event
The big talk of the day is Apple’s Keynote set to happen early this morning in San Francisco. Will they announce the next version of the iPad? Another iPhone? Nobody knows, and Apple likes it that way. With all the click bait articles out there, you would think Apple was […]

iPad 3 Announcement Possible

New Site 2012 (mp3) Posted from Matt Fowler’s Posterous

New Site 2012

If you follow my audioboo posts, then you would have known that I’ve been itching for a new design.  I’ve kept my tradition going of a re design each new year, and here we are. After doing vast research, I’ve noticed that the days of bloated/fat sites are out. We […]

Simplicity is Key

This is what people say is the love of fabric …it is the wolf

Fabric of Love

  Every year I try to perform a complete makeover (or redesign) of my site, and this year I am seeking your suggestions.

New Design 2012

  Just ignore the fact that there is a lawn mower in the background, and we’ll be good. As always, you can click this image (along with the others on my site) to view the full image.

Am I Badass Yet?

@mattdfowler I just spent the last 30 minutes reorganizing and updating links. Why? Because I finally made the (hugely suggested) jump and changed my twitter handle.  Since I first joined twitter I’ve been using the ID m477h3w.  Which stands for “Matthew” in l33t speak.  I don’t feel like explaining what […]

New Year, New Twitter

Just when I thought the Google Plus Secret Santa was done and over with for the year, I receive a package in the mail. How sweet!

Last Minute Secret Santa Gift

Haven’t recorded a video with SocialCam in awhile. I figured it was about time I let them know I am still alive and kicking. Just a test video here, nothing special. I’m sure my followers/viewers get tired of my test videos, but it’s all about Trial & Error baby!

Socialcam Revisit

In case you missed Microsoft’s LAST Keynote at CES yesterday, here is the video that started the evening. It, honestly, is the most exciting thing that happened at the Keynote. Ryan Seacrest and Steve Ballmer were dangerously awkward the entire time, and don’t even get me started on the “Tweet […]

Microsoft’s Last Keynote at CES 2012 Started With An AutoTune ...

And he is a shit head. But a good dog none the less

This is Max

Its a warning i dont know what it means

Chee Chew

Shared via Google Currents Testing the share feature! Neat article though. Mashable: 10 Best Spoof Twitter Accounts of 2011

10 Best Spoof Twitter Accounts

Is it dead? Or do people straight up not care anymore?  I’ve put together this little image for fun.    The For Your Health pays a tribute to Dr. Steve Brule.

Internet Etiquette

What kind of letter could this be? Could it be a Christmas letter? I think so. Merry Christmas ONE AND ALL. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas for whatever reason, I want you to have a joyous day and an even better afternoon. But wait, doesn’t that offend people now […]

Merry Christmas 2011

When videos go viral, it’s always a good thing. I’m not arguing that. What I am arguing is how some of them gain the popularity they do. You may think I’m putting this as a complaint to the following videos. But, I’m not. I am actually very glad they received […]

Ant Smasher vs Frog & Lizard

Am I the only one who has noticed that Google loves to give power features to those users who are popular or famous? Before you go all crazy on me, let me explain… YouTube: This is the first one I feel disgruntled about.  Ever heard of the term Partner? Of course you have, and […]

Why Does Google Patronize The Popular?

I promised to keep you up to speed with Tim And Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, so here is another update. If you were appalled by the Red Band trailer then please check out the iTunes Trailer that is rated R, but it’s more appropriate than the last one. (No F-Bombs) Check […]

Check it Out: Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie iTunes ...

Here is a trailer sitting all alone Oh wait its a park There used to be five Now there’s six Which to know The Settled run Six wise houses All in a row The maiden go He She They and I Marlons white win The silver sun


Finally! The Official Trailer to Men In Black 3 has been released! We have been waiting for this trailer for ages, and the movie even longer. Watch and enjoy!

Men in Black 3: Official Trailer

First and foremost, I have been trying to find a Chromebook to test for ages. Yes, I realize that if I really want to test out the new “Chrome OS” all I have to do is use Google Chrome. Well, I’m using that now. Check. But I wanted to see this […]

Chromebooks running Chrome OS: Where the heck are they?

This review will start out simply saying Good Grief, Good Grief, GOOOODDD FREEEAAAAKKIINNGG GGRIEF. That’s putting it nicely. This album is so damn terrible, I can’t even laugh at how terrible it is. Apparently, I’m not alone either. If I was a betting man, I’d bet that 9 out of […]

Lou Reed & Metallica Present: LuLu

The University of China, IL truly is the worst school in America. Babycakes (Why does my spell checker think that word is correctly spelled?)  surely says it best. I remember watching Babycake’s Journal Rants on YouTube, but that isn’t exactly the first way I discovered him. Remember SuperDeluxe? Not many […]

Review of China, IL “The Worst School in America”

Since 1999, most of us have laughed & giggled (isn’t that the same thing–No!) at Seth MacFarlane’s wonderful work, Family Guy. But, over the years, as the seasons continue — their humor changes dramatically.  A Gay joke here, an anti-war pun there, and Brian being completely oblivious that he’s a dog. […]

The Direction of “New Family Guy”

I promised updates, so here is the first official Full Length trailer for Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, provided by IGN. Definitely watch this in HD. Fair Warning: Trailer is NSFW! For a reason unknown to me, they are calling it the “Red Band Trailer”. If you have any insight […]

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie: First Official Full Length ...

Earlier today, Eric Wareheim [be careful with that link]  (the glasses wearer of the duo Tim & Eric) posted on his twitter account the official Movie poster for Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.  I have to say I am quite excited. To top it all off, an official trailer was also […]

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie: Movie Poster & Trailer

You think she would at least be able to answer this question…

Too soon, Siri

Toad was always my least favorite character but this one looks particularly happy. Maybe a little bit too happy if you ask me. Oh well, Game on!

Toad Looks Extra Happy

  Random drawings are the best…. this one is definitely best illustrated as I Got Mustard On My Beard!!! (And whatever the blue stuff is supposed to be)

I Got Mustard On My Beard

Stay safe and have fun!  Also, try not to eat too much candy! This was made on my phone, so please excuse the odd handwriting as my finger doesn’t serve as a very good pen.

Happy Halloween!

Magic happens at DeviantArt, there is no doubting that.   There is also no escaping the fact that Angry Birds is huge. REALLY huge. They have t-shirts, toys, keychains, thongs (maybe?), among other things. Indian artist Mohamed Raoof  has taken sometime to show us what those little birdies over at […]

Angry Birds In Real Life

Anne Lucht’s amazing 8-Bit visual music video takes the viewers around the town of Düsseldorf, Germany . The place where electronic music made some huge leaps about 40 years ago with bands like Can, Neu! and Kraftwerk. All the while these 8-Bit characters are bopping their head’s to Lorenz Rhode’s […]

One of the Coolest Music Videos I’ve Seen in A ...

This is my Uncle’s newly restored 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle.  Isn’t it a beauty?  This picture looks like it was taken straight out of a magazine! Nothing too special about this post, other than I wanted to show it off. (Even though it’s not even mine!) Maybe he will let me drive […]

Newly Restored 1969 Chevy Chevelle

Another small token of my true gratitude to the visionary Steve Jobs.   This image is reposted (with permission) from XKCD, a “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.”  

Steve Jobs: An Eternal Flame

This is a tribute to one the most iconic members of the tech industry. No, I never met Steve Jobs in person but his impact on me would have you believing otherwise. He was a wise man and the power behind Apple. His legend will live on as a legendary […]

RIP Steve Jobs

Speaking it is hard enough for me, let alone writing it! But i’m taking plenty of notes! Wish me luck! Also, I’d like to listen to some Russian bands,  any suggestions?

Time to Stretch my Brain! Russian style

Love the time of year when these start to get ready.  They are far from it right now,  but soon…

Walnuts Anyone?

From the hit animated television show, Squidbillies, I present you with Early Cuyler’s tips to help end bullying.   You see, Early recognizes bullying as a huge problem in the world.  He offer’s his advice to try and stop it in it’s tracks.  Maybe by following these simple steps, you […]

Early Cuyler’s Tips To Stop Bullying

He’s a lot of things, such as Captain Kirk, Rocket Man, and an 80 year old, but I’m not too sure about him being Iron Man. I suppose I will check out his new album “Seeking Major Tom“, which is available in CD and Vinyl format on October 11th. 

Is William Shatner Iron Man?

However, the Desktop isn’t completely gone.  I feel it’s being very slowly fizzled out, but it still exists! Doesn’t this look familiar? Of course! It’s the same UI as Windows 7, with the exception of a different looking Windows logo on the bottom left.  That button takes you to the […]

Windows 8 Developer Preview: “The Desktop”

Start Menu is in quotations because it’s received a complete redesign.  It appears to have been completely replaced with the new “tiles” (aka Metro UI). Which fairs a striking resemblance to Windows Phone 7, hmm, wonder why?   Windows Phone 7 was highly based of the Zune interface, and now is […]

Windows 8 Developer Preview: The “Start Menu”

You’ll go through this wave of settings (if you opt to do custom settings rather than the express settings) You’ll notice that the “Use Windows Error Reporting” is turned off by default. Maybe Microsoft is finally starting to come out and say “We never check those, so why send them?” Looks like […]

Windows 8 Developer Preview: First Boot Part 2

Getting the system ready for it’s first launch after installation! The folks at Redmond are getting even more clever every day. This has to be the simplest Terms of Service agreement (or license agreement) I have ever seen for a Windows Machine!

Windows 8 Developer Preview: First Boot Part 1

Hello Blog Readers! You, my loyal viewer, can help me be the next big face on Times Square. The profile contact card company, About.ME,  is currently holding a contest where the profile that receives the most votes will win their face on a giant billboard right in the heart of […]

Help Me Be The Face of Times Square

On May 22nd of this year (2011), Brandon Hardesty released a short film on Atom that must have bypassed my internet eyes because it is absolutely hilarious!  Directed by Dave Green, who I’ve never heard of, but must be a pretty funny guy because this film is hilarious. It stars […]

Ham Sandwich featuring Brandon Hardesty

This kitten, aptly named “Steve” (even though she is a female) says “Good Morning!!” Or maybe she said Meow and I just misheard her.

Good Morning: Meow

I have been eyeballing the Slim Jim monster style snack sticks for awhile and tonight I decided to go ahead and buy one to figure out what the fuss is all about. Of course, I went with the Tabasco flavored, as its my favorite type of Slim Jim. I will […]

I have tried and survived the Slim Jim monster.