Reality vs. Expectation: Denny’s Style

How often do we visit restaurants and pick what we want to eat because of the picture? Or maybe we saw it on a commercial and we got all kinds of excited inside. Perhaps that warm and bubbly feeling. Ok, I guess that is taking it a bit far — however, the phrase “What You See Is What You Get” still usually only applies when talking about web design. 

Now, for the fancier people reading this, we get it — your menu’s don’t have pictures of the food. They hardly even have the prices. It’s a “if you have to ask” kind of situation. For the rest of us, we do sometimes rely on a picture to make our final decision.  Unless we are talking about fast food, in which we know that we either want it or we don’t, because the people in the back are going to happily smash it to fit in the box, or drop it on the floor a couple of times — maybe even roll it around the counter to make a funny noise. 

ANYWAYS —  I visited Denny’s the other day, something I don’t get to do often — not because I can’t, because I won’t. Denny’s has great breakfast food (which really is HARD to mess up) but they usually fall short on everything else. 

However, I saw commercials for the new “Spicy Crazy Skillet” and I got excited. It sounded like everything I could want in a meal. I love hot food “SPICY” — I’m probably not right in the head because I’m writing an article about a Denny’s dish “CRAZY” and, well, I guess I just like things cooked in a “SKILLET”

For whatever reason, I decided to take a picture of the “Before & After” sort of aftermath. Let’s compare: 

Here is the menu picture — flared up and photoshopped in all of its magical glory:

And here is what was actually served to me: 


Immediate differences: 

  • Size — what skillet were they using?
  • Chicken — Could’ve used the whole chicken breast I was promised.
  • Sauce — Not sure what kind of sauce they used, I called it “Chorizo sauce” point being, they went overboard with it. 
  • Shredded Cheese — They had no issue pouring the pepper jack cheese everywhere, which I liked…but the shredded American cheese was practically non existent. 

Other than that, they did just fine. Definitely better than most fast food pictures you’ll find comparisons of on the Internet. Didn’t taste too bad either! 

Sometime when you are feeling lucky/bored, do a Google search for Fast Food Reality pictures. Or don’t, I don’t care. 

I know what you are thinking — who gives a damn? Probably not that many people — but I took the pictures, I have a website, so why the hell not.  Don’t worry, this isn’t the start of some kind of trend. 

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