The Times, They Are a Changin’

Dr. Manhattan How many times have we seen a post start out with that title? A lot, I know. Overplayed, yes.  However, extremely relevant. You might have noticed that this site looks completely different. Or, you may be here from some weird search engine result and have no idea who I am or what this place is. Hopefully, you newbie you, are saying to yourself “Damn, that’s a mighty fine looking website!

Apparently, the days of having colorful backgrounds and flashy images are over. The people have spoken, and I’ve listened. You like it bland, flat, and fast. This new design is my answer.  Loyal readers will know that this place has seen one too many facelifts, as I tend to get bored with one design and go onto another.

This time I had speed in mind. That’s also why there is no longer that dreadful “/life/” redirect mumbo jumbo.  You may have not even noticed it, but I did — point being: it’s gone.  I’ve also focused a lot on the mobile version of my site.  I couldn’t believe the numbers when I saw that a good 47% of you are looking at my site on a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. (Other mobile device? Like a Grandpas’ phone? Yes. One of those.)

This seemed to be the easiest transition from one location to another, but there may be some broken links that I missed. I apologize in advance, and ask you shoot me a message and let me know — I’ll get it straightened out ASAP. I hate leftovers.

You might also notice that there is HTML5 and CSS3 everywhere. You’re welcome. Again, speed was key.   Even though I’m leaving old browsers out of the picture, most of you should have a great time here.

There is definitely more to come to this site later (Like sliders — and app reviews) but it didn’t feel right slapping a new design on here and not doing my ever traditional “DID YA NOTICE??” post.

Now, to find a nice image for this post… Ooh, I just had a great idea for one. Props for the people who get the reference.

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