Classy Sign Off for Attack of the Show

If you’ve followed my blog, or any of my social networks, for any length of time then you’ll know my feelings toward the cable network owned by Comcast, known as G4. To summarize, in 2004 Comcast purchased the 24-hour technology cable TV network TechTV, then owned by Vulcan Ventures, and promptly dismantled it. Focusing more on pop culture and less about technology, they dumped nearly all the talent from that network and canceled several of the veteran shows. They moved production to Los Angeles, and renamed one it’s most popular shows, The Screen Savers, to Attack of the Show.

Recently, Esquire acquired G4. That is irony at its finest.

With all that being said, my feelings for G4 have been all negative up until this point. Attack of the Show had it’s series finale, and invited two special guests to cameo in this classy sign off:

Now, I think that is a great way to end an era.

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