Why Do We Trust Anything On The Internet?

Now, I’m sure most of you are thinking: “Well, I DON’T trust anything on the internet!” And good for you, because most people don’t.

However, there are a few people out there that rely on the internet for reviews of either restaurants, apartments, or any other product. It isn’t abnormal to look up the reviews. After all, if you are planning on spending your hard earned cash on something — shouldn’t you at least get your money’s worth?

I even fall a victim to customer reviews sometimes, especially on websites such as Amazon or Newegg. If a product has a higher percentage of negative reviews rather than positive, I’m least likely to purchase it.  EBay is another website where customer feedback is important.  If your profile has a large percentage of negative feedback on your profile, you are definitely least likely to make a sale.

But what about Yelp? Do we really trust Yelp? And should we? There has always been this conspiracy theory that reviews are bought rather than thought. In other words, people pay a decent amount of money for people with a trustworthy account to post positive reviews for their product. In some circumstances — they even pay for people to write nasty reviews for their competitors.

But, honestly, how do you market a job like this? And what kind of classifieds AD company would even allow this type posting?  Hmm.. Maybe Craigslist?

I ran across this today while searching around the Los Angeles Craigslist:


Wow.. For a measly $20 of your own time you can write  reviews for someone.  Notice: They don’t say what kind of review nor for who/whom.  Guess now it makes sense as to why I italicized the word “decent” up above.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dismissing the idea that everybody could use $20 here and there — I mean every bit helps right? But do you really want to earn it by lying?

I’ve blurred out the email address because I believe this is a disgrace to the open internet. We know it’s been happening, but this finally cuts the cake to the core.  If cakes had a core, that is.

Look At The Positivesguess this company  could be paying you to go visit the restaurant or venue and see if you actually enjoyed yourself or not… But that’s highly doubtful.

What do you think?

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