The New iPad: What Did I Get Right?

Apple's New iPad

Apple announced the new iPad on March 7th. They aren’t calling it the iPad 3, and they aren’t calling it iPad HD. It’s just the new iPad. That’s it.  Honestly, it’s a smart move. At least this way they aren’t starting to sound like a Rocky sequel.

I’ve watched the keynote and read the blogs. I’ve also scoured Apple’s website.  I had some predictions, so let’s go into detail on what they were and what I predicted wrong & what I predicted right.

  • 4G LTE Capability Predicted Correctly! 
    This was a prediction that I really shot in the dark. I honestly figured Apple would wait to put 4G in the iPad when 4G was more wide spread. Right now it’s only available in limited places.  It’s growing, but still limited.  Only 4G LTE for USA, so AT&T and Verizon it is.
  • Siri for iPad  Sort of Incorrect. . .? 
    Siri herself isn’t on the new iPad, but they did implement a type of voice dictation.  If it’s anything like the voice dictation that was originally released for iOS 4, then it’s probably pretty terrible.
  • More Storage Options, Perhaps 160GB models. Predicted Incorrectly
    Nope,  same ol 16, 32, and 64 Gig options. Wishful thinking never fails us. 
  • Retina Display  Predicted Correctly! 
    Wow, a million more pixels then the common HDTV!!?? Holy cow! A whopping 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi) to be exact.
  • Better Rear Facing Camera  Predicted Correctly! 
    I had thought that Apple had did away with the “iSight” name, but they have brought it back in the Rear Facing Camera on the new iPad. (5 Megapixels)  — Record up to 1080p videos!
  • Improved Front Facing Camera Predicted Correctly! 
    They’ve renamed it… it’s now the Facetime camera.  It’s probably better (it can’t be any worse), but they are only saying “VGA” quality photos on their site.
  • Discounted Pricing on iPad 2 models Predicted Correctly!
    Starting at $399. You can’t beat the price, but you might wanna save up $100 more and just get the new iPad.


They also announced a new Apple TV for the same price of $99, with support of videos at 1080p resolution. But, we don’t care about that when they shove a new iPad in our faces.



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