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I just spent the last 30 minutes reorganizing and updating links. Why? Because I finally made the (hugely suggested) jump and changed my twitter handle.  Since I first joined twitter I’ve been using the ID m477h3w.  Which stands for “Matthew” in l33t speak.  I don’t feel like explaining what that is, so please Google it if you are confused.

I have been told by multiple people that the name was too hard to find, or too easily forgettable. I shrugged it off because I liked it. It was unique. However, I’ve noticed a very slow growth in followers, so perhaps they were right.

That is why I introduce the new twitter ID:

All I did was changed the username, so my current followers will still remain, along with my tweets. But you know how all that goes.  I didn’t realize how many Matt Fowler’s there are in this world, and it took quite a bit of time to even find a handle that I liked.

The biggest headache was updating all the stinking links I had to m477h3w.  Also, in a matter of vanity, I went ahead and re-registered m477h3w — just so nobody can try and pose as me. It will forever have that one tweet that says “Hey, you are in an out dated spot” — along with a Tomato avatar for fun.

The second headache came from Twitter being a little confused. But, they did warn me it would take 24 hours for everything to take effect — so I’ll give them that.  I appreciate the fact that you can change your username on a whim like that, rather than having to re-register and lose all of your important information.

So, without further adieu, please update any links you may have.

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