Microsoft’s Last Keynote at CES 2012 Started With An AutoTune Remix

In case you missed Microsoft’s LAST Keynote at CES yesterday, here is the video that started the evening. It, honestly, is the most exciting thing that happened at the Keynote. Ryan Seacrest and Steve Ballmer were dangerously awkward the entire time, and don’t even get me started on the “Tweet Choir”

Although it went on entirely too long, this video is catchy (I suppose) and a desperate attempt to cling to the younger audience. Of course, auto tune is included free of charge. Never saw that one coming.

It sums up the last 15 Years of Keynotes at CES with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in just under 120 seconds (2 Minutes)

Can anybody shed some light as to why they are calling it the “Pogo” remix though?

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