Microsoft Photosynth: Truly Amazing

With the announcement of Microsoft Photosynth finally coming to Windows Phone, it bears some notice that I should have covered this earlier. My deepest apologies. I’m covering it now.

Now,  what exactly is Microsoft Photosynth you are asking? Well, the folks at Richmond cooked up this little application that allows users to stitch together high quality images into a virtual panoramic image.  As an example, here is what this wonderful program can do:

(You’ll need Microsoft Silverlight to view this)

Please: Do yourself a favorite and hit the full screen option. You won’t hurt my feelings.  Zoom in a little, or click the examples on the right to targeted locations. The amount of detail you can put into these panoramic shots is incredible.

Now the Windows Phone users can enjoy this functionality just as much as everyone else.  Well, at least most of you can.  There are reports that some Windows Phones are not being supported. Bummer!

Let me know what you think!


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