Maybe Twitter Doesn’t Hate Me After All

You might have noticed my last post, where I talked about “Twitter Hating Me”.   I didn’t mean that they actually had a grudge against me, but that post received a lot of feedback — most of it positive — and left people wanting to know what ever happened with my account.  After about six hours of patient waiting, my account was restored.   During the wait I saw the “This account is suspended 404 error” and the “The page no longer exists 404 error”.

It made me nervous, because I’ve never been suspended before, so twitter received more than enough emails from me. And, as you could tell, I received the same canned response from them everytime. So,  with all that pressure I hope that Twitter really doesn’t hate me, because I have no problem with them.

I just wish they would alter their automatic spam filtering just a little bit.  Mainly because I’ve had a twitter account for what seems like forever and I’ve never once triggered a red flag.  I never did get an answer as to why it happened.  Your assumption is as good as mine.

As my dear ol’ Grandpa would say, it’s water under the bridge now.  And he’s right. My account is fully restored and superbly operational.


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