iPad 3 Announcement Possible

Apple's Invitation to the March 7th Event

The big talk of the day is Apple’s Keynote set to happen early this morning in San Francisco. Will they announce the next version of the iPad? Another iPhone? Nobody knows, and Apple likes it that way. With all the click bait articles out there, you would think Apple was completely open about their products, but we all know they are not.

I’ll be following the event from home via live blogs and watching my favorite geniuses cover the event over at TWiT.  One of these days I’ll make it to an Apple event, but that is in the future. And I usually only live three days in advance.

To honor the event, I have a few predictions. I do not think they will announce a new iPhone, at least not now. I see them waiting to do that around WWDC. The last two iPads have been announced at the same place they are holding this event today, so it only makes sense that they would announce the iPad 3 (or whatever name they decide on) here.

Finally, here are my predictions:

  • 4G LTE Capability
  • Siri for iPad
  • More Storage Options, Perhaps 160GB models.
  • Retina Display (this has been a prediction of many ever since the event invitation was shared with the public)*
  • Better Rear Facing Camera (Comparable if not better than the iPhone 4S’ camera)
  • Improved Front Facing Camera
  • Discounted Pricing on iPad 2 models


There you have it. We’ll see what happens!  Maybe one of these days Apple will start live streaming their events so everybody can join in.

*The image at the top of this post is the invitation they sent out to “select” people.

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