Do People Actually Eat This Stuff?


For $1.99 (or maybe cheaper?) you can enjoy the wonderful flavors of Wild Boar, Alligator, Kangaroo, Venison, Buffalo, Ostrich, and Duck all in a spicy “meat” stick.

I can understand Venison and Buffalo… but I can’t really figure out why anyone would want to enjoy a meaty Kangaroo stick. No pun intended.

Alligator tail –to me– is terrible… but some people do enjoy it. It’s not even guaranteed that the tail is what you are eating with these jerky sticks.

My experience with an Ostrich ‘burger’ was very dry and tasteless. Or maybe that was an Emu burger I ate. Still, it was terrible.

I also didn’t even know you could eat Kangaroo. Shows what I know.

I’m waiting for these to come out in snake and rabbit next.

I just can’t see these being a hot seller, but you never know.

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