Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie: Movie Poster & Trailer

Earlier today, Eric Wareheim [be careful with that link]  (the glasses wearer of the duo Tim & Eric) posted on his twitter account the official Movie poster for Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.  I have to say I am quite excited. To top it all off, an official trailer was also posted.

To preserve the trailer’s greatness, please visit the official Facebook page for the movie.  (Watch in HD for the full effect!)

Here are some people who should not see this movie:

  • People who don’t quite “get” Tim & Eric’s humor. Mainly, if you have to think if there is a “getting” to be “got” of their humor, then you really don’t see this movie. It’s supposed to be funny, not philosophical.
  • The one’s who are put off by quick changing plots, scenes, and cutaways.
  • People who never found their Chippy.
Now, these are the people who SHOULD see the movie:
  • Pep Pep’s
  • James Quall
  • You & I
  • Whoopsie Goldberg

I’ll post some more about the movie as it rolls out, but this is the update for now!







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