The Direction of “New Family Guy”

Since 1999, most of us have laughed & giggled (isn’t that the same thing–No!) at Seth MacFarlane’s wonderful work, Family Guy.

But, over the years, as the seasons continue — their humor changes dramatically.  A Gay joke here, an anti-war pun there, and Brian being completely oblivious that he’s a dog. You know the old schtick. He can talk. Hilarious.

Because I used wonderful, this is obviously a biased post. I love Family Guy, always have, but I will admit that their tune has changed quite a bit since that first pilot back in the late 90’s. The animation is better, but the jokes aren’t. I remember laughing non stop through the episodes. Now I’m lucky to get a couple chuckles in throughout the whole episode.

I have to wonder where the continuation of the Family Guy saga is going to go. Are they going to follow the South Park trend and only focus on current events? Or are they going to actually start taking the characters on extravagant adventures filled with mini-plots with the side characters in between?

The latest episodes have proved that they are still able to get a good episode rolling, but they lack moral fiber. That’s right, I used moral fiber in a sentence. Incorrectly to be exact.  Family Guy has never had “moral fiber”. This is the reason they have such a large viewing audience now and that’s fine. But some of the jokes are simply getting old. And fast.

Ok Seth MacFarlane, we get it, you (or somebody very close to you) is a closet homosexual. That’s fine, this is a lot more accepting world. Stop hiding it in your characters. (Stewie, Roger [alien from American Dad])

Oh, lest we forget MacFarlane doesn’t believe in God  he’s a proud-to-be athiest. FINE. Stop ruining your shows with these anti-religion jokes. Some of us choose to practice and some of us don’t, it’s our choice so stop trying to be what you set out to destroy.

Where is the direction going to go? That’s the main reason you are even bothering to read all of this. Honestly, I can’t say — that’s obvious. But I have an opinion.  They are soon to run out of material, like any show, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Not necessarily because the show will get any better or worse, but because the show has such a strong viewing audience. Not to mention, it’s syndicated damn near everywhere now.

I believe that the crew of Family Guy will eventually throw in the towel because they are just plain burnt out on it. Unless Family Guy starts doing more movie parodies (Star Wars) then I’m not sure what else they can do.

Answer the dang question:  Basically, I don’t have a freaking clue where Family Guy is going to go. They’ve ran every holiday into the ground, they’ve distorted every race & stereotype known to man.

All I can say is I anticipate where they will go, and will continue to watch every episode and follow every step they take.

As you can tell, though this post had some hatred in it at parts, it also had some love for the show.  Keep up the good and sometimes subpar work.

Dictated (in my head, does that count? –no!) , written, and read.


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