Lou Reed & Metallica Present: LuLu

This review will start out simply saying Good Grief, Good Grief, GOOOODDD FREEEAAAAKKIINNGG GGRIEF.

That’s putting it nicely. This album is so damn terrible, I can’t even laugh at how terrible it is. Apparently, I’m not alone either. If I was a betting man, I’d bet that 9 out of 10 people think this album is shit on a shit covered plate.

Honestly, I know it’s supposed to be this big “theatrical stage like” experience in an album. Ha! I’d rather go to the Opera Hungover. (And I don’t even get hangovers)  I’d rather have 20 sick kittens puke on me then listen to this album from start to finish in it’s entirety.

What in the world was Metallica thinking when they agreed to do an album with this burnout Lou Reed? Sure, he was good in his day, but he sounds just awful on this album. The Music isn’t terrible, I mean it’s nothing fancy, but it does at least sound sortof Metallica-ish.

Lou Reed doesn’t even “sing”. Like he could before, but this time around he didn’t even try.  It’s completely spoken. WOW that’s exciting.

Sad thing is, I heard a rumor they were talking about doing another one. PLEASE DON’T.  One is bad enough.

However, this new phase going around saying that “Metallica’s new album is TERRIBLE” along with something Megadethy is really getting quite old.  This isn’t a new “Metallica” album, it’s a Lou Reed & Metallica Compilation album. Very different folks.

I don’t even have a rating system but I’m about to create one just for this album.


That’s right, my new rating system just for this album is corn cobs.  No, it won’t stick — so don’t worry.








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