Google Plus: A Complain Here, A Compliment There


OK. Time for some nit-picking, but don’t worry — there will be a few positive remarks thrown in there.

I have already complained enough (and so have many other Google Plus users) about the problem with the stream being, how do you say it, unreliable?  No, I’m not saying that it isn’t responsive — because it is. What I am saying is that it doesn’t seem to have the right organizing skills it needs. What does that mean?  Whenever a new post is added, it does show up at the top, as it should. However, if there is a post that I’ve commented on (and sometimes if someone else has commented on!) it shoots it back up to the top.  Although, yes, that does in a way keep you up to speed on what is happening, it makes it a little troublesome when it comes to receiving new posts.  I mean, if you didn’t comment on it, and it pops up again, it makes things a little aggravating.  But, I’ve sent feedback on this problem, and I know many other people have too.

Secondly, I like that Google has went through my gmail account and found what they believe to be “suggestions” for people I would be interested in putting into a circle. But, whenever I say “no I don’t want that person” there doesn’t seem to be any way to permanently clear that person as a recommendation. There is a tiny little “X” on the right when the suggestions show up on the left navigation bar. For the most part, that does get rid of them. But only on that navigation bar. Once I look at the rest of my recommendations, there they are again.  On that screen there is no way of removing them. They are there, whether you like it or not. Although this isn’t really a major problem, to me at least, it’s a little annoying. I’d like to be able to wipe away all the email addresses from newsletters and other places that Gmail has picked up over the years. I guess I could add them to my Circles, if I just wanted to raise my circle count, but that’s pointless because you know as well as I do that is never going to create a Google Plus account.

What do I like? Quite a bit. First of all, take a look at how long this post is. That is fantastic! Google Plus could be used as a Social Network in the aspect of short posts that give little updates. Or, you could rant away and treat this as a blog. But what makes this better than a blog? It’s social. Yes, blogs are social too, but this is the kind of pushy social that people have been looking for. You can just rant away and shove it into the people faces who have you in their circle. It’s instant That’s pretty neat.

Also, I like the idea that Google is starting with sharing to the Public. They aren’t doing the backwards way of Facebook, where the motto was “Private at the beginning, then slowly public”  Google Plus gives you the option right up front to throw your posts into the stratosphere and let anybody read them. With or without a Google Plus account. However, the option to make your posts “limited” is still there. I really like this. They are basically saying “We recommend you post this to everyone to read, but you don’t have too”

Could this replace a blog? Most definitely.


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