Ant Smasher vs Frog & Lizard

When videos go viral, it’s always a good thing. I’m not arguing that. What I am arguing is how some of them gain the popularity they do. You may think I’m putting this as a complaint to the following videos. But, I’m not. I am actually very glad they received fame so quickly.

In other words, I discovered two interesting videos earlier. One is a lizard and one is a frog. They are both, in a sense, doing the same thing. Smashing Ants. Now, before you say, “WOW, never seen that before” — it’s not the same thing as you would see in the wild.

Only in the 21st century would we have household pets playing with Apps on Smartphones. I assume they are household pets at least. I mean, I would definitely own a bearded dragon. The big African bull frog however, I don’t have anything against, but that just isn’t the pet for me.

First, here is the video that I first saw. It’s the African Bull Frog I mentioned above. Because I’m a nice guy, I’ll warn you now: Don’t have your speakers all the way up. The ending of the video will scare you if you do. It’s not a “Screamer”, I promise this much, but it has a….how do I put it…. volume increase by something that you won’t expect.

Next we have a bearded dragon attempting the same task.   YouTube User thanatos454‘s comment was the best for this video, because it is completely true.  He/She said “Every time he looks at the camera it strikes me as a search for approval”


If you have a pet you too would like to confuse with this App, you can pick it up here. That is a link for Android Market… I don’t know if it’s available on iPhone or not, and I don’t care.

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