Anybody heard anything about Powermats? I mean I understand that it is something inside the back panels that connects wirelessly to the mat.  Something tells me it’s not safe. Could be wrong.

Little pricey, but I guess it’s a little worth it.

$99.99 Powermat Portable Recharging Mat.
Target or Best Buy

$29.99 iPhone or iPod Touch “receivers”

And $29.99 for a DS too! Yeah!
It sounds great, but it just almost seems like something that would either get your phone hot — and you know the problems that follow that. And then maybe it would screw up the charging system. Maybe thinking that it is fully charged when it’s not. I do know that when you have a constant WiFi connection the battery power is pleh (new word) on phones. Does just fine on iPhone/iPod Touch and DS. 😀

Hurrah! I hope it’s legit and non damaging…because…I want it.
It will make my blackberry, however, even less pocket friendly. Sadness on a silver platter.

I want one but I just wonder how legit they are. Not that it’s a scam, but maybe. Give it some thought at least.

Let me know what you think.

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