Metallica Confirmed Box Set

Just at the title says, Metallica confirmed the box set for their new CD, “Death Magnetic”

Death MagneticI wasn’t for sure if Blabbermouth was lieing or not, but it seems they really are coming out with one.. With quite a bit of stuff too.

For you collector types out there we just had to put together something next level when the new record comes out in the Fall . . . how about “Death Magnetic” in a coffin box? The special edition box will come out the same day the album does (we’ll tell you when that is soon . . . very soon) and will of course include the full CD (duh!), along with everything next level cool relating to “Death Magnetic!” Seriously, there will be a CD with the demos of the songs, a DVD of even more “making of the album” footage not seen on Mission: Metallica, a t-shirt only available in this box, a flag, guitar picks, and a fold out poster along with a collector’s credit card embossed with a code to redeem a free download of a special European show happening in September (yes, details coming soon!).

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