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Well, I finally put Vista Ultimate on one of my computers, and I have to say (for the most part) I do like it.

It’s just like everyone said, XP with a New Skin. But there are some interesting features that make you go “Hey! That’s cool!”

I’m working on a full review of Vista, that I don’t know when I plan on releasing, but so far this is what I have come up with in a nutshell:

The Good->

  • Vista seems to run really nice and secure, and the Windows Defender actually works
  • Lots of new programs -> Windows DVD Maker, Windows Meeting Place, BitLocker, etc!
  • New Skin, Aero, very nice!
  • Windows Sidebar actually is very useful
  • Pretty to the eye – Lots of Candy for your pleasure!
  • Networking functionality is absolutely awesome

The Bad->

  • Windows Internet Explorer runs dominant,
  • No different commands…XP Version 2? (This can also kinda-sorta be a good thing)
  • Too many Mac OS X copied features…
  • OneCare…sucks….end of story
  • Sound Cards….What? (I’ll explain later)
  • Vista…dumb name

Although I could go on and on with The Good and The Bad of Windows Vista, I decided to keep them even..

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