What I’ve Been up too

Hey Gang, sorry this is a really delayed post, but I haven't been in the mood to post anything on here, not like anything too exciting has actually happend that I need to put on there.

I'm just going to talk about a few things on the web I've spotted. First off, I can't stop enterting codes that I get off of the top of my Pepsi bottles, I will win a Motorola phone, just you wait and see.
And then to make things worse, Dr. Pepper has me trying to win a hummer.

Noticed anything excited in Tech News? I sure have… It seems that you aren't aloud to make videos of you dancing to music that you don't have copyrights to. You can blaim your friends at the RIAA for that action.

I love Digg, I check that place almost everyday, but I guess they were getting too much fame for Netscape to handle. They have gone and created their own "Digg-Killer". I love the first thing they have up there (if it is still there when you all check it) – Kevin Rose's picture with a link to digg talking exactly what I mentioned, the "Digg-Killer". Netscape has a good idea going, the only problem is its not really their idea. If I was Kevin, I'd be sueing, but hey, that's me!

If you haven't checked out the clips at Ask-a-Ninja, you need too! They are great, keep me laughing non-stop.

Check out this absolutely amazing band I found on Myspace: PRIESTESS –> they are awesome! Buy their new album now! "Hello Master" (Great stuff right there)

If you are having a eBay seller problem, you can always talk to the sellers Mommy. Chuckle Chuckle

Also, I'm working on a project for my Grandma, it's called Chicken Scratchins, it's a bi-monthly article that she used to write back in the days when she was a reporter, it's pretty good stuff, go ahead and give a read. I'm using the Office Live Free During and After — and so far I've seen no problem.
That is it for now peeps, I'm all out of news.

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