The rant continues

Well, first off I've moved "The Rant of One" to Blogger beta, where you have to use your Google Account to log in, and things are supposed to be a whole lot better. So far I haven't noticed anything too different, but then again I don't know what will happen in the future (since it's still a beta)

Big things are happening, Brick Hill Publishing was moved from Vizaweb to Dreamhost. Vizaweb had a network crash and was out of comission for about 4 days and so BrickHillPublishing decided that was too long to lose a website for a business (I agree) and so they switched to a more reliable service. So far Dreamhost has been pretty good, but we'll see how it handles when thing slowly start going wrong and support has to be called and/or emailed.

Tenacious D is coming out with a new album (to correspond with their Movie I'm guessing) on 11/4 called "The Pick of Destiny".

Metallica is releasing all their videos (music vids and a few extras) on DVD… It's called "Metallica: The Videos 1989-2004" Which I'm going to pre-order the next chance I get. I believe its supposed to actually release sometime in December. Leave it to Metallica to release things late and make me have to wait (yeah I rhymed)

Well.. I better get off of here!

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