Something New…”Song of the Moment”

When I get bored, I Create useless things that I will hardly be able to manage or update. And, I have created another one of those things.

I call it, the "Song of the Moment". You can call it "The Song Matt's Feeling" or "Listening too", but its more of just a spur of the moment thing.

Like right now I've got it set on Sad But True (hopefully it will change after a year of looking at this post) Yeah – it's going to be something for me to do when I have spare time.

I post the album cover, history, and google search for the lyrics.

On other news, I found a deer tick on me last night. Looked like it had been there for a little while. And it's really itchy. Great, Limes Disease. 🙁 (It's not certain yet, i'm waiting for a certain symptom to show up…)

Also, a little while back I finally broke down and got me an iPod nano. It's really nice, I'm glad I did.

I'm using the sporty RAZR and its nice, but I have the Verizon edition and this phone is a walking VZW* advertisement. Ok, the phone doesn't walk. Sorry.

Anywho, thats all for now. Bye

*VZW stands for Verizon Wireless, I've been with this company so long I know all their little abbreviations. It's really sad.

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