Myspace IM, MSN Messenger Clone, and Launchy

Here are some downloads I am featuring and a little review of them:
Myspace IM, the popular friend networking profile site, has silently released a Myspace IM. I have it downloaded, and have just used it a little bit. Heres how it works:
You sign in with your myspace email/password, and whoever on your friends list also has the IM, shows up. Like right now, the only friend of mine that has the IM installed is the creator, Tom, who only says "woo!". It looks like a rip off of AIM if you ask me. But if a bunch of people install it, it won't be that bad.

You can find the download for it here.
MSN Messenger Clone
I use MSN, you probably use MSN Messenger, almost everyone uses MSN Messenger these days. It's the most popular IM client used today. Ever wanted a change? With the similar effects but a different layout and a few added features? Well Alvaro's Messenger, AMSN, is a really good clone. It has the nudges, display pictures, and all the smileys, but it also has Tabbed chatting (a feature Linux users would recognize from GAIM) I love it, I use it, etc.

You can find the download for it here.


Now this program I have downloaded, but not installed. It is a keystroke program, you type in names of your files/programs/folders and it is supposed to find it. I don't know how the accuracy of this program is, I only know what I have read on the internet.
It looks really good as far as the screenshots go, but I couldn't tell you whether or not I think its a good or bad program.
Probably after I post them I'm going to install it.
You can find the download for it here.

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