Well, what possible things could I write about? I really have had nothing interesting that is internet worthy happen lately. Which is odd for me – because usually i'm full of them.

Sure, I've had some very interesting things happen lately, but they are things I really feel like sharing on the internet.

Well, I just thought of a topic. I can't decide which Mail program I want to stick with. I've abanded Outlook ever since 2007 beta was released. Maybe when the actual 07 is released, I will enjoy it more.

Right now I'm using Thunderbird – which is good, but it's not as loaded as I like. Sure, you can customize it (for the most part) to your liking, but it's just missing something that I'm used to.

I use Eudora on the Mac, but I don't like the windows version for some reason – and they are remotely the same thing. So yeah, it's pretty sad.

That's about all I can think of for now.


PS if you have a recommendation for a mail client – tell me.

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