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I just noticed on the internet today that Internet Explorer: Beta 2 Preview was released. When the official date and time of this was, I have no clue, because this was the first I heard of a ‘public’ release.

Well, I picked up a copy of it (its what I’m using now) and so far it hasn’t been all that bad. This might be Firefox in the final release. (I hold my tounge on that remark)

Here are the Pros and Cons I have found in this release:
Pros (Might as well start off good)
-The Tabbed browsing seems very effecient and very fluent.
– So far the RSS feature is very nice
– Phishing Filter seems to work (Though I have not had it tell me any site is bad — which is good!)
– Love the added Search bar, now there is no need for the extra download of Google Toolbar. (After you upgrade the search to Google – which it prompts you to do as soon as you visit the Google homepage)
– I love the Zoom feature- Can magnify pages up to 1000X
– Quick Tabs — The ability to view all your tabs on one page, reminds me of Mac OS X’s Expose (CTRL + Q)
– It’s called Windows Internet Explorer now, not Microsoft… Heh, why is this a pro?

Cons (It does have them — after all, its still IE)
– The new layout is very confusing – It took me awhile to get used to it, but I do like it a lot better than IE 6!
– I know this is still a Beta release, but it has proved to be semi-unstable. Some things that you do cause it to get confused and crash itself and Dr. Watson (Don’t know why Dr. Watson but it does!)
– Popup Blocker hasn’t been upgraded at all from what I can see, they just changed the way it looks so it matches the new design.(Major disappointment from me)
– You have to press CTRL+ALT to disable the popup blocker now – and it puts the new window in a Tab.. Microsoft: You are flaunting the tab feature. Stop it.
– They copied Mozilla’s Tab Browsing Hot Keys (CTRL + T , Clicking with the Scroll Wheel, CTRL Clicking)
– When you view a page that tells you what it ‘thinks’ your browser is, it says Netscape 4 (What’s up with that? Like the page
– What’s up with their logo? Looks like they actually might have Down Graded the logo– ATTN Microsoft: Please design a better logo!

In All Out, this is a definite must have upgrade from Internet Explorer 6, at least I would wait until it is officially released if you are a Beginning user, even Experienced users might want to wait. Or you can just stay with IE 6 and continue using it or Firefox. You’re choice.

I, myself, might actually start using IE 7 as my default browser again. Sorry Firefox, but IE 7 is proven to decent.


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