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Hello readers,

Sorry that I haven't posted anything in awhile. I really haven't been in the mood to get on here and write something.

My Thanksgiving has already been planned, I'm heading out of state to see some family of mine, and have the Thanksgiving weekend with them. What are your Thanksgiving plans? Post them in the comments…

I am not "officially" moving to WordPress just yet, but I went ahead and started up my blog there. I am not going to launch it as my main blog until I get the skin and such ready. You are welcome to view it, though you will get bored very quickly.
When I am ready to switch it will be like it should be. That is, if I even switch.

I just cannot decide what I want to do.

I started up another new site, well actually I started it awhile back I just never really made it global. It's called Mdfblog, and really it has no purpose what so ever. I bought a domain, then used SuperFreeWeb to host it. You can view it here.

** Update: Holy Freakin Crap! Somebody took down my!! Who Attacked it!!?? **

Thats it for now, –


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