Some Updates

Well, this just feels really weird. This is the first time I've actually posted something without going through first.

Well, here is about the wrap up of what I've been up too… I've been digg'n and submitted comments on, and designing & codeing me and my friends blog, The Tech Guys Word, which you will see has come a long way. I used the WordPress Kubrick theme for it even though its running Blogger like my blog is… It's a long story.

School officially ended for me May the 23 at 11:30AM… Summer Break!!!!

I've also been helping my cousin defeat a bad Trojan horse and AZESearch on his computer, believe me thats been hard enough work…

If you haven't checked out my Grandma's Publishing company, Brick Hill Publishing, then you need to now. I built the website, aren't you proud of me.

FamilyVideo (A Local Video Game/Movie Rental Store) is giving away free 5-night rentals for A's so I am in heaven there! The only catch is that it must be a new release (not as bad as..) and you can only use 1 A per visit.

Well thats about it, and this will probably be the last post you get from me in awhile… Until then keep checking out my Digg profile to see what I'm up too!

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